Friday, May 30, 2008

Jose Valentin is tough, scares teammates into playing better

A little nugget in the Jayson Stark column starting a little email correspondence amongst this blog's contributors this morning.

Unhappy Valentin's Day: It may sound crazy, but the ex-Met we keep hearing that his old team misses most is Jose Valentin. "Not having Jose Valentin might be the biggest difference between this team and the 2006 team," said one baseball man. "He not only played well. He's a tough guy. He kept other players in line. And he added to the toughness and the winning attitude of that team. You look around that clubhouse now, and there's not one guy like that."

First of all...let's all just LOL here. Do it again. LOL. In your cubicle. Do it. LOL.

I'd like to know who this "one baseball man" is. I guarantee he literally is the ONE guy who would make such a ridiculous statement. I'm sure Jose Valentin fits the term "tough." I really do. But come on he's the difference between 2006 & now??? Come on...

We all remember when Jose Valentin was here. He was serviceable. I feel like he broke his thumb like 8 times, but still serviceable. That time period was the beginning of the phase coined by Matt as the "Dark Ages" of Brewer baseball. Perhaps one of the only bright spots of that time period was the infamous "Double-V threat" of Jose Valentin & Fernando Vina leading off. NOW THAT WAS A TOUGH TOP OF THE LINEUP.

Unofficial Chuckie Hacks poll:
Who would you rather have leading off?:
-Vina & Valentin
-Dick Weeks & Mike Cameron


Anonymous said...

weeks and cam
hands down

although i have some great memories of fernando

Anonymous said...

V & V no question, they were probably they are better cougar hunters.

Not so anonymous Jake said...

V squared, Valentin against Cameron is a wash, but I would take Vina any day of the week over Dick.

Matt said...

I really hated Jose Valentin.

So I'll take Weeks and Cameron...although I'd rather have that version of Fernando Vina over the current Rickie Weeks.

Vina would also fit in pretty well on this current team given his inclusion in the Mitchell Report.

B Krey said...

Weeks and Cameron
You have to remember that Valentin would change his pants between innings if he soiled them. And Vina was juicing to hit bombs. Jake has to be a racist.

AP said...

Can I mix & match? Say...Cameron and Vina, maybe?

the original krey to start posting on chuckie hacks said...

b krey
you obviously have a negative bias against spanish speakers, I question your profession of choice

krey said...

Woz, you need to do a column on best former Pius players now coaching in the Northwoods league.

Anonymous said...

It was Michael Kay on ESPN radio about two days ago.

Anonymous said...

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