Friday, May 30, 2008

Big Red

While Seth McClung's outing yesterday was not enjoyable, his quotes in today's paper critiquing that performance sure were:

On his 6 walks in the game:

"I know the walks are staggering, but pitches were there, they were close," said McClung, who before this season hadn't started a major-league game since his days in Tampa Bay. "It was definitely competitive. I don't feel like I just gave it up.

"There's some game tapes in Tampa if you want to see totally wild."

On the decision to intentionally walk Chipper Jones prior to giving up a long ball to Mark Teixeira:

"The first at-bat I broke (Jones') bat in two and the next one I put some pretty good pitches together," McClung said of the decision to walk Jones, now hitting .420, to get to Teixeira.

"But the guy's batting .750. He's hot right now."

On the pitch to Teixeira that ended up in the seats:

"I left the pitch in to Teixeira. That's the bottom line: I put the pitch in the wrong spot. It got clobbered."

Seems McClung is quotable, if nothing else.


Goldy said...

Matt, you missed the best McClung comment of all of them:
"Put a ball down the middle to Player A or Player B in the majors, they're going to hit the poop out of it,"

Since it was in the Mike Hunt column, I can forgive you.

Matt said...

As you know, I don't read Mike Hunt as a rule.

But thank you - yes, that is the best comment - outstanding.

AP said...

I also enjoyed his defense at the end of last year on the whole Pujols beanball situation.

He said the ball slipped. He backed it up by reminding everyone that he was wild and that's why TB traded him. It was the first time I remember a player pointing out to the media exactly how bad he was. I'm down with McClung.

Goldy said...

AP- That sounds like a t-shirt waiting to happen!

McClung's "poop" comment reminded of hoe Garth calls Ron Burgandy a "poop mouth". Anything that reminds me of Anchorman is fine by me.