Monday, May 19, 2008

The Badger Blogger

Just so everyone is on the same page...this is the original story by the "Badger Blogger."

Take it for what it's worth. This guy probably knows some low level person in the organization that overheard some people talking about Ned getting fired today. There is nothing credible about it. By some chance though if Ned would have gotten the ax this guy would have looked like the second coming of Matt Drudge.

I too find Tom H (who I'm a big fan of by the way) a little over the top on this one with his last post. I don't like how he handled the situation. He either should have not even wrote about this situation in his blog today, or he should have linked the Badger Blogger post like I did right above and let people draw conclusions for themselves. What he did do is mention it in a facetious tone and when it came back to bite him he tried to backpedal a little too fast. All Tom had to do was post that he had personally talked to Melvin and that Ned was safe. That was it. All these extra shenanigans were unnecessary.

Moving forward, Chuckie Hacks will continue tomorrow with Rickie Week's bashing & calls for Russell Branyan. know...we can.

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