Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ned Has a Cold

Let's try to take it easy on Ned tonight - I heard him on the radio this morning and it sounds like he's battling a nasty cold.


Anonymous said...

"I do not have a cold. I'm struggling a little, but I'm fine. No need to panic. I'll come around."

- Yost in 5 days after catching deadly pneumonia.

Anonymous said...

He might manage better in a Robitussian-induced state of mind.

matt said...

Look, guys. My white blood cells are battling out there. They're giving it everything they've got. This is not something that's going to turn around based on just one day. It's about consistent effort from my white blood cells, day in, day out. Nothing is going to make this thing turn around. We're going to keep fightin', keep battlin', and I've got total confidence in that immune system and the talent that I've got there. These are young cells, and they're experiencing this for the first time, and they'll learn how to get through the bad times.

brad said...

"...I've been taking Addy (Advil), Sudy (Sudafed), Tussy (Robitussin), Quily (NyQuil)..."

Anonymous said...

"My immune system is working perfectly fine, the virus just got the best of me this time. I will bounce back from this."

"Its almost like he accepted the fact that his entire body was coming down with a cold and he just shut it down for the weekend. Ned didnt even give himself a chance to fight this off."

AP said...

Sometimes you just got to tip your cap to the virus. Remember, getting healthy is a marathon & not a sprint. It's a long season, and there's still a lot of white blood cells to be made.