Monday, May 19, 2008

Put a Tent on This Circus

And the circus at the JS Online Blog continues today. In the latest blog post by Tom H. (which was supposed to be about Melvin's reaction to Braun's comments about his team not expecting to win in Boston) Haudricourt prolonged the story about Yost getting fired that was "broken" by a blog...and got called out by Melvin in the process:

Melvin was aware that a blogger had posted a supposed news scoop late Sunday night claiming he had a source that told him the Brewers were going to fire Yost today. And Melvin said any radio station or TV station or newspaper that responded to a blog site as a news source -- and that includes me because I did so today -- should seriously question themselves.

"I have too much respect for newspapers and news stations for them to respond to a blog for their news," said Melvin. "When they do so, they lose their credibility. I refuse to respond to blogs because anybody can put anything out there."

I agree with Melvin whole-heartedly, and it's one of the main problems I have with blogs and responding to blogs. Badger Blogger put it out there that Yost would be fired today and there was no validity to it. Melvin is in Nashville. Y ost is in Pittsburgh. Attanasio is back home in LA. You don't fire your manager when all of the decision-makers are scattered across the country. You circle the wagons at times like that.

Shame on Badger Blogger -- and you can bet I'll never cite anything from that "source" again -- and shame on me for giving them their 15 minutes of fame.

Well, good for you Tom. Ladies and gentlemen, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's lead beat writer for the Milwaukee Brewers has made the decision to no longer cite to internet rumors that show up on blogs when reporting the news at his paper. It's good to see that kind of journalistic integrity in this day and age.

Goodness - the guy who might end up getting fired today is Tom Haudricourt, not Ned Yost. Now that might be a bit extreme, but I'm guessing that this little to-do makes it a bit harder for Mr. Haurdicourt to go to work tomorrow or to be taken seriously by the folks in the Brewers organization as he's trying to do his job.


Wrigleyville said...

ahhh, but new is broken on blogs - regularly. not mine, mind you, but it is. so, to say that you can't follow the lead of blogs ever is a tad bit ridiculous of mr. hardicourt. he should do what any reporter does dozens of times a day - check his sources and make a decision based on that information.

when i was working at a mom and pop wire service in indianapolis in the mid-'90s, the desk in new york would call once a month to say the post or daily news or 1010 WINS was reporting that mike tyson was getting out of prison "tomorrow" - despite assurances from the state corrections department that they would give us all plenty of heads up as to when tyson would be leaving our fair state. dutifully, i would call the corrections department spokesman at 11p, midnight or 1a ... he would tell me, "nope" and we would go on with our lives.

we wouldn't write silly little stories on the bad sourcing in the new york media.

in short, hardicourt demonstrated he doesn't understand his job - and proved himself to be a small man in the process.

well done.

Wrigleyville said...

news, that is.

Anonymous said...

"in short, hardicourt demonstrated he doesn't understand his job - and proved himself to be a small man in the process."

FINALLY, something I agree with wrigleyville on.