Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Where's the Editor?

Opening Day starts 6 4
Opening Day rec. (team) 3-0
Opening Day ERA 2.45 5.66
Career record 73-74 82-55
Career ERA 5.66 3.39

The above is a little sidebar on the ESPN.com write-up about yesterday's game. Any number seem a little out of place? Ben Sheets with a career 5.66 ERA??? I don't think so fellas.

Try 3.81.

Isn't the Stump the Schwab guy supposed to be double-checking all the stats? Somebody at ESPN better be sending out a memo.


Krey said...

as a numbers guy, I bet that really "grinds your gears"

Wrigleyville said...

what's with the ads above the valuable chuckie hacks news? sellouts.

brad said...

We cant figure out how to get one on the side bar like you guys have.

Wrigleyville said...

ha. i know i'm a sellout...