Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bill & Brian make FireJoeMorgan

Bill & Brian made a few silly comments during the Gagne's Gas Can performance last night. The FireJoeMorgan boys picked up on it.

Nice one from the dudes on FSN Wisconsin, analyzing why Eric Gagne struggled with the Red Sox last year (this is paraphrased):

Closers were meant to be closers.

Sure, maybe. It's possible.

Gagne promptly throws seven straight balls and then Kosuke Fukudome Pearl Harbors him with a three-run tater tot.

FSN Wisconsin guy:

The legend of Fukudome grows. Still chants of Fukudome ringing throught Wrigley Field.

Eric Gagne: so bad he can change a man into a legend with one horrifically straight fastball.

Take it easy on the Legend talk fellas. He's got a little ways to go yet.

BTW, Kerry Wood's ERA is 27.00. NICE.


Anonymous said...

gagne's ERA is EXACTLY THE SAME....what's your point?

matt said...

Was Canada involved in WWII?