Friday, April 25, 2008

Sampson to Milwaukee?

New Bucks coach Scott Skiles is pushing to hire Kelvin Sampson as one of his assistants.

As a Bucks employee, I believe that Sampson would be free to call whomever he wants on his cell phone, and even participate in three-way calls. So this makes sense.

Let's just hope that Sampson and Eric Gordon aren't reunited on the Bucks. The last thing this team needs is another perimeter player who likes to jack up bad shots.


Goldy said...

Matt was just looking for any excuse to use that "Three-Way Phone Call" tag again!

train said...

Is this court ordered punishment for his mis-dealings w/ the NCAA?

I didn't even realize NBA actually had assistants. For what? Carrying gym bags to the bus.

Zeek said...

It's would be good to have a famous Sampson back in Milwaukee.

I really miss the other famous Sampson since his unfortunate death.

Granted, that famous Sampson was a gorilla.