Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Detroit Roady - A Brief Reivew

Not a full blow-by-blow of the recent Detroit roadie to see the Sweet 16, but a few of the high/low lights.

-----The Good-----

Cheli's Bar - Owned by former Badger hockey player Chris Chelios, this was the designated hangout for all Badger fans. Spent a considerable amount of Friday here before/after the game. Ran into Barry Alvarez early, Larry McCarren late (who looked to be serving himself nicely), and a bartender with one of the most ridiculous racks ever both early and late.

Andy Kendeigh - Ran into the channel 12 news guy, also at Cheli's. Good guy. I got to go on air with my Badger prediction. So, if any of you saw some jackass proclaim "Badgers by 12, Flowers will shut down Curry" on the 5:00 news on Friday, it wasn't me. I swear.

Detroit Plight - Overall, the city (downtown, at least) looked much better than I remembered from a visit 7 years ago. I heard they cleaned up pretty well for the Super Bowl a few years ago. Kudos, Detroit!

Steve Curry
- His shooting display was cool to watch. After a while, most of the 60,000 spectators were standing up going "oooooooohhh" after each bomb was dropped.

Some Random Chick - So we just get into Michigan when a distressed motorist walks into the gas station and asks "Does anybody know where Belleville is?" After looking at the map, she had been going the wrong direction...for 2 hours! She almost broke down in tears with this news. Seriously, this was the first time she decided to look at a map? Good, no, great times!

Detroit Beer Company - A must stop for fans of the craft brews and hot waitresses. Unfortunately, it was the gathering place for Davidson fans. What an odd bunch. They all looked like the kids from Dead Poets Society.

Hockeytown - Another great hangout right by Comerica Park. It's a pseudo Redwings/Tigers museum with flat screens as far as the eye can see.

-----The Bad-----

Ford Field for Basketball - Not a place you want to take in a game. The court was a mile away, and we were in the first level. They did serve peanuts with a giant Lions logo on it. I scoffed at the guy selling them to me and he goes "I know, the peanuts are probably losers too." Bingo!

Ford Field for Football - I can't imagine this place being a sweet place to take in a football game. The barn was nice enough, but indoor football just doesn't seem right.

Michigan State Fans - They were sporting their Sparty green everywhere at Ford Field. That made it extra special to see the Memphis-MSU halftime score: 50-20!

Michigan Fans - There were 2 in the whole building...right in front of us. MGD Mike almost pummeled both of them when they were flashing their allegiance. Yeah, because Michigan hoops fans have a lot to brag about.

Villanova Fans - Seriously, I saw about 30 people in Nova gear. They must have known the Kansas beatdown was coming. No, we didn't see these chicks:

Driving Through Chicago - Holy Hell, this took about 2 hours...and it wasn't even rush hour.

Wisconsin Cops - Number of Cops shooting radar on I-94 in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan combine? Zero. Number of Cops from the Ill/Wis border to Madison? 6.

Indiana Roads - Indiana better have really low taxes, because they don't spend a dime on their roads. It's like driving on the Moon.


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That tall chick could wrap her legs around Goldy thrice.

Goldy said...

I don't have a problem with that. Jill, on the other hand, might.