Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cubs Will Win The Central - Take 31

Yet another article predicting a division title for the Cubs. That's fine. I get that. The Cubs are the reigning champs with plenty of solid players. But one particular comment needs to be addressed:

"...a division in which the only serious threat may be the Milwaukee Brewers, an organization with even less World Series familiarity than the Cubs."

Brewers Last World Series Appearance: 1982
Cubs Last World Series Appearance: 1945

Less familiar? The Brewer's WS drought, although dry, looks more like a monsoon compared to the Cubs'. That's 37 years more recent??


Bad Kermit said...

To be fair, he said "less World Series familiarity," not "a less recent trip to the Series."

Cubs World Series appearances: 10
Brewers World Series appearances: 1

matt said...

To be fair, Heyman is brain dead.

What bearing do World Series appearances that occurred prior to the invention of the microwave or the slinky have on the 2008 NL Central race?


Bad Kermit said...

If I had a guess, I would say they will have the exact same bearing that a 1982 World Series appearance will have on it.

You'll get no argument from me that Heyman is brain dead, though. I despise when people point to "organizational failure" as a reason teams won't win, despite the fact that those teams probably turn over 100% of their personnel in a decade or less.

matt said...

I agree, a 1982 World Series appearance also has zero relevance on the 2008 season. Hell, a 2002 World Series appearance would have zero relevance.

It's just a dumb statement by Heyman on several levels.

Bad Kermit said...

Heyman is just upset because he's irrelevant as to everything.