Thursday, March 13, 2008

Name Members of a Random Team

Today we introduce a new feature to Chuckie Hacks entitled, "Name Members of a Random Team".

For whatever reason, my boss and I tried to come up with members of the 1990 Reds team that stunned Oakland in the World Series. I was 13 at the time and this is what I came up with off the top of my head

Guys who I know or am pretty sure were on the team:
  • Jose Rijo
  • Norm Charlton
  • Randy Myers
  • Rob Dibble
  • Tom Browning
  • Chris Sabo
  • Eric Davis (Isn't this the series he didn't play because he almost killed himself running into an outfield wall in the playoffs?)

Guys who I think may have been on the team:

  • Paul O'Neil (rookie year possibly)
  • Marinao Duncan
  • Not sure if Larkin was around yet.
  • Glenn Braggs?

OK, I am grasping at straws now. If you know anybody else without having to look them up, please post the names in the comments. I'll look up the roster later and post it.


OK, here is the complete roster or the 1990 Reds. I could not find a post-season roster, so this looks like everybody who played a game for the Reds in 1990.

Looks like the starting line up was:
C: Joe Oliver
1B: Todd Benzinger/Hal Morris
2B: Mariano Duncan
SS: Barry Larkin
3B: Chris Sabo
OF: Billy Hatcher
OF: Eric Davis
OF: Paul O'Neil

P: Jose Rijo
P: Tom Browning
P: Jack Armstrong
P: Danny Jackson
P: Ron Robinson
CL: Randy Myers

Bench (Guys with more than 20 ABs):
Glenn Braggs
Jeff Reed
Herm Winningham
Ron Oester
Luis Quinones
Ken Griffey
Rolando Roomes
Billy Doran

Other pitchers (more than 20 IP):
Rob Dibble
Tim Layana
Norm Charlton
Tim Birtsas
Rick Mahler
Scott Scudder

Nice call on the Benzinger, Brad. Would have never got tha one. Griffey was on this team and yes, it was a Billy Hatcher year. Also nice to see Danny Jackson on there, who was the pitcher of the year in a Kansas City men's baseball league when I lived down there. He also runs a bowling alley. Good times!


Not so anonymous Jake said...

Joe Oliver

Goldy said...

I think I am going to throw Billy Hatcher on the maybe list as well. Seems like he switched between the Reds and Astros every other season, so I am going to guess this was a Reds year.

Joe Oliver is a good call.

the other brad said...

Wasn't Griffey on that team as well?

Greatone said...

I blieve Barry Larking was there short stop. Paul O'Neil was defenlty on there team.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Lou was the MGR

Brad said...

O'Nieil was on there.

Hal Morris?
Todd Benzinger?

Goldy said...

Full 1990 reds roster has been added to the original post.