Friday, March 14, 2008

MU And The Big East Tourney - Round 2

Marquette's on to the semis as they ran Notre Dame off the gym in the second half, winning 89-79. 89 points? In that tournament? That might be a record. MU’s much maligned bigs played very good D on ‘Gody. McNeal seems to be pissed after being left off the 11 man (wtf?) All Big East first team. He's taking it out on the BE Tourney with another monster game. 28 points, 6 boards, 4 treys. Little Guy Mo Acker also came up huge, going bananas in the last 2 minutes helping MU score a whopping 57 points in the second half. That's more than Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Northshitstern scored in their entire games yesterday.

Up next is Pitt, who will try to grind it out, MU wants to run. Should be an interesting clash of styles.


AP said...

You're going to rehash some repressed feelings by posting that picture, Brad.

brad said...

That was the intent! Those stories were Hacks classics.