Friday, February 8, 2008

Viva, Las Vegas?

"Next stop, The Palms..."

Following up Woz's post on the Bucks, here's what I would do: Pack up the Mayflower rigs and move them to the middle of the night - Baltimore Colts style. Seriously, put this horse out of its misery. Yeah, about 1,000 die-hards would go berserk, but it's hard to argue that Bucks apathy is at an all time high. The Packers and Badgers (hoops and pigskin) are good, the Brewers are getting good, and Marquette is good once in a while leaving the Bucks as an after thought. Hell, UW-Milwaukee had more statewide buzz a few years ago.

Let's face it; they've won 50 games once in the last 22 years. Once? This is in the East, mind you. And arguably the three best players in this stretch (Ray Allen, Terry Cummings, Vin Baker) were traded in their primes. Sure, Baker imploded but nobody saw that coming. At least that Allen trade worked out...maybe not. Along with these 3 players, the two best coaches (Don Nelson, George Karl) were pushed out on bad term....with who, you ask? The Senator. It all starts at the top and the subsequent failures don't lie. And don't blame Larry Harris. He's the fall guy...Herbie and his boys are calling the shots.

I'm sure some of you are thinking "But Brad, you could have made the same argument with the Brewers a few years ago." Yup, but they have Miller Park. No Miller Park, bye bye Brewers. Bucks officials have been saying for years that the BC is outdated with its limited number of luxury boxes and other "revenue generating amenities." Who's gonna pay for a new BC? The taxpayers? No chance. Not when the Miller Park bill still has 20+ years to pay off.

To recap: The Bucks have A) an owner with a history of losing, B) an apathetic fan base, C) an "outdated" arena, D) the least desirable free agent destination in the league and E) uniforms that look like Christmas trees.



Goldy said...

In the 80's, the Bucks were the 4th best team in the NBA behing the Celtics, Sixers and Lakers. They were a huge draw (well, as huge of as the MECCA could hold) as they routinely won division titles.Also, try to remember 2000. The town was crazy about the Bucks. Opposing teams were saying the Bradley center was an intimidating place to play.

Look at all the Brewers' fans that came out of the woodwork last season. If the Bucks showed some real hope, the fans would be there. It is just tough to support a perennial loser.

In terms of the stadium, after the Miller Park fiasco, it will be a long time before the public funds a stadium around here. Heck, the Lambeau rennovations barely passed and taht vote was only Brown county.

But what nobody remembers is the Bradley center cost the tax payers nothing. It was a gift from Jane Petit. I am sure the city had some costs invloving the surrounding infrastructure, but people don't remember that they have not paid for an arena to be built since the MECCA went up.

By the way, I love the Bucks and would not be happy to see them go.I think they are taken for granted around here. while living in Kansas City for 4 years, there was a serious lack of winter sports entertainment options and it got kind of annoying. I ended up going to Univerity of Missouri-Kansas City games. Some of the worst D-1 basketball you copuld imagine. There student section was 36 people, I counted, but thee was some impressive girl-on-girl action, so it wasn't the worst.

Mike said...

Goldy brings up some good points. I'd hate to see the Bucks go. From what I've read, they're at least profitable.

AP said...

I only live about 10 minutes from the BC, I will hapily volunteer my services in helping them move.

I don't know if any pro sports team in this city has ever been as irrelevant as the Bucks are right now, and that includes the Brewers of about 7-8 years ago.

Some of my friends and I have commented about this all season long, and admittedly we are not huge NBA fans. We've been out to several quasi sports themed establishments the last few months, places like BW3's & McGinn's, on the same night as a Bucks game.

Not only were the games not on any of the 20+ TV's at these places, but more surprisingly not 1 patron asked, "...Hey, could you at least flip the back TV on to the Bucks?"