Friday, February 8, 2008

Lock him in!

I just heard Brad curse all the way from his cubicle in Madison. The Brew Crew just picked up Yost's extension for the 2009 season, with the main reason being they don't want additional pressure of the contract year looming over their manager in the year he is supposed to lead the team to the Promise Land.

The boys over at FireNedYost pretty much summed up their view on the announcement with this post.

This doesn't mean much, as Melvin was clear to point out anyone can get fired at any time. I'm still sticking by my statement that Yost has to make the playoffs this year or he is gone. The only conceivable thing I could maybe see that changing is if the crew wins 91 or 92 and somehow doesn't get in to the postseason.

Does anybody really believe Melvin "forgot" to inform the press they picked up the option right after last season? That's the equivalent of taking a dump and forgetting to flush the toilet, leaving it for your roommate.

"Oh sorry dude, I wasn't aware I didn't flush."


garcia said...

I have always said... if the Brewers make the postseason this next year, it will not be because of Yost!

brad said...

We've been Yosted

Anonymous said...

The rest of the NL Central is celebrating.

Wrigleyville said...

are you guys on strike?

Anonymous said...

Where the blazes are ya all?