Friday, March 2, 2007

Ray Allen Trade Revisited

Thought I would revisit the Bucks 2003 Ray Allen trade. Here is the chain of trades involving Ray Ray and the subsequent players the Bucks got for him:

Bucks get Gary Payton, Desmond Mason for
Ray Allen, Kevin Ollie, Ronald Murray, 2003 conditional first round pick (#14-Luke Ridnour)

Bucks get Jamaal Magloire for
Desmond Mason, 2006 first round pick (#15-Cedric Simmons), cash

Bucks get Steve Blake, Brian Skinner, Ha Seung-Jin for
Jamaal Magloire

Bucks get Earl Boykins, Julius Hodge, $700K for
Steve Blake

So, after the smoke cleared, the Bucks got:

28 games of uninspired ball from Gary Payton, Earl Boykins, Brian Skinner, and 700k.

In Exchange for:

Ray Allen, Luke Ridnour, Flip Murry, Kevin Ollie, Cedric Simmons and Cash

What’s the exchange rate on that? .27 cents on the dollar? Keep up the good work Larry Harris!


Htiek said...

Great post Chopper!!!

I was just pondering the same thing the other night. The thought popped into my head after I heard Payton and some other Bucks got off from some stripper beating in Toronto from 2004. I was thinking to myself what a horrid trade that do you not lose your job over that???

Dont forget our draft day trade of Dirk Nowitzki and Pat Garrity to the Mavs for Tractor Traylor...whom ironically I beleive the Mavs in turn traded Garrity for Steve Nash. I am glad to see the Bucks had a hand in single handedly building up the Western Conference.

Bill said...

Sheesh. Thanks for the post it helped me remember why I get depressed everytime I turn on a Bucks game. Just one dumb move after another.