Thursday, February 21, 2008

Nebraska Could Use Some Better Signature Wins

Not the actual sceen in Lincoln, but it probably looked similar to this with about 1/4 as many people, which amazing ly was half of the people who showed up to watch this barn burner.

While watching ESPN News last night, I noticed Nebraska fans rushed the court after beating #25 Kansas State. really? Rushing the court after beating the 25th ranked team in the country? K-State? I know Nebraska basketball has been terrible over the years, but wow, this has to be up there for weakest court stroming of the year. It did look like all 78 members of the student section made it out to the court, so I guess that is a plus. Well, congrats Cornhuskers on beating the mighty basketball power that is K-State.


Not so anonymous Jake said...

I made a mental note of that pathetic storm myself when I was watching last night. The only way they get away with storming is if Tommy Lee is leading the rush in his marching band uniform.

matt said...

This is becoming an epidemic. Somebody needs to issue some guidelines for this stuff.

I heard somewhere that the opponent's fans have rushed the floor the last four times the Badgers have been beaten on the road in the Big Ten.

Goldy said...

I can see OSU rushing the court after winning a 1 vs. 2 game to win the Big Ten Title, but Purdue, MSU and Indiana don't have any excuses. As I have mentioned before, I think the Kohl Center/Field House floor has only been rushed 3 times, beating #2 Minnesota to secure an NCAA birth in 1998 (3rd birth ever), beating Michigan to win part of the Big Ten title for the first time in like 50 years in 2002 ans beating Illinois to win the Big Ten Title outright in 2003. All acceptable times to rush the court, in my opinion.

train said...

Topkins tip-in vs Minny in 90/91 was a floor rusher.

I was a senior in HS and my bro hooked me up with a Bleacher Creature punch-card. Thanks to fire hazard that the Field House was I couldn't join in until well after the fact.