Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bucks Torpedo Trade, Part Deux

Caution: Bucks discussion below.

I just read in the Journal Sentinel that the Bucks once again shot down a trade proposal involving Zach Randolph. This is the second time a Randolph-to-the-Bucks trade has been discussed, and apparently refused, by the Bucks.

In this version, the Bucks would have given up Bobby Simmons (huge contract, never plays), Dan Gadzuric (huge contract, plays even less) and Charlie Bell (just signed a 5-year deal, doesn't want to be here). Combined, the Bucks owe these clowns a total of about $44 million after this season. Simmons and Gadz each have 2 years left on their deal after this year, Bell will have 4 years. Combined, these guys score 17.3 ppg.

In exchange, the Bucks would have received Zach Randolph (huge contract, but at least produces) and Fred Jones (expiring contract). It is important to note that Randolph is owed almost $48 million over the next three years. Even though he scores 17 ppg and grabs 10 rpg, that is a lot of money for a guy who is a bit of a character risk. This would also muck up the PF position even more for the Bucks, who have Charlie V and Yi there already.

I don't love this possible trade. But I think the Bucks need to be blown up - start from scratch with these guys. Sadly, it does not appear that any moves were made prior to the trade deadline today, not surprising since Larry Harris is a lame duck GM.

To that end, I found Bill Simmons' comments on his basketball blog interesting today, when he was proposing to ship Simmons, Charlie V, Gadzuric, Bell, Redd and Mason in two deals in exchange for (basically) Drew Gooden, Ben Wallace, Luol Deng and Chris Duhon:

By the way, I'd like to officially apply for Larry Harris' job -- a job we knew would be open three years ago after his deer-in-the-headlights performance after winning the 2005 lottery. Bucks fans, lemme remind you that I pushed long and hard for Chris Paul as the No. 1 pick of that draft. Do you think you'd enjoy rooting for Chris Paul right now? I bet you would. I love the good city of Milwaukee, I'd love to live there, and I'd love to run the Bucks. Come on, you couldn't do worse! Start bugging Herb Kohl right now and vote Simmons for Bucks GM in 2008! YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN!

As I told Goldy, I wouldn't mind Simmons as Bucks GM for several reasons: (1) He can't do any worse than the current regime; (2) It would bring some publicity to the Bucks, if nothing else; and (3) This might help prove, once and for all, whether the Bucks GM post is a true puppet of the owner (a la the Orioles GM job), as we all suspect it is.

But alas, Harris will be fired, Herb will hire another puppet GM, and Bogut and Yi will both bolt after their rookie deals are done.

The Milwaukee Bucks: Where Nothing Good Happens.


Anonymous said...

The team needs to be sold and moved somewhere else. This city will not get behind an NBA team in a way needed to make it profitable. Even during the 00-01 season when we went to the conference finals, the city only got excited for about 2 weeks, and didn't care anymore after that.

I'm a season ticket holder (well technically I am, but I've sold most of my games on eBay) and it's pathetic to see the small crowds at the games.

This is not a situation like the Brewers where the crowds will be there if the team does well. Nodoby cares.

matt said...

I think that people would show up if there was the sense that the front office and coaching staff was headed in a positive direction.

There are way more fans at these current Bucks games than were attending Brewers games in the dark ages in the mid to late 90s. And those tickets are cheaper and it's in the summer.

I am not a season ticket holder. In fact, I have been to only 1 game this year in large part due to a recent change in the composition of my family (read: I had a kid). But I would still go in the future if I thought the team had a direction or a purpose. Hell, I'll probably go to a couple of games even if the team remains on its present rudderless course.

I think there are a lot of other fans out there like me. I could be wrong.

Goldy said...

I would go with: Where Poo Happens.

I think people care, its just that there is no hope right now. If the Bucks got better more people would go to games and you qwould get more random fans because it the "cool" thing to do. Look at how many college age kids were at Brewers games last year. You can't tell me they would all be there is they sucked.

Plus, at the Qdoba Nacho bar party last year, there were 3 people in Bucks gear. We determined that set a record for most people wearing Bucks stuff at a non Bucks function. What I am saying is, there is support for the team, they just need to show us something.

Anonymous said...

Do they even average 10,000 for attendance?

Tony said...

Matt,- I don't know why but I just read your entire post. Thank you. this is the most NBA/ Buicks coverage I have had in my life over the past 24 months. Still not interested. As for the puppet that is what are boy Larry R confirmed when he was in town. I guess it is a Herb listining to two of his none basketball minded lawyers. Ha, lawyers, who needs them. Side not I like the simmons idea but I won't use a Obama chant to get him there.