Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kendall Batting 9th?

Brad will love this - Ned Yost is apparently considering batting Kendall 9th in the lineup, according to a JS Online spring training blog post, with the pitcher in the 8 hole. The thinking would be to then bat Braun 2nd and Fielder 3rd, giving them more at bats over the course of the year. Somewhere Tony La Russa is smiling...

Predictably, the slugs that comment on every blog post on the Journal Sentinel Brewers Blog are all up in arms about this. It caused Tom Haudricourt to post a comment scolding all of these fools:

Before everybody gets carried away with Yost's "decisions," you need to go back and read Anthony Witrado's blog. Yost hasn't decided on anything. He's just mulling EVERY possibility, which includes thinking out of the box a little. He might never bat the pitcher eighth. He's just batting stuff around with his staff, crunching numbers, etc. That's what spring training is for. Nothing is set in stone. Is it wrong to consider all possibilities? Folks need to chill out. I would worry about a manager who is NOT open-minded. It never hurts to consider all possibilities. I wouldn't get too worked up about this, unless getting worked up is your thing and you can't help yourself.

You think Haudricourt gets annoyed by the moron commenters on the Brewers Blog?


garcia said...

would that mean effectively, kendall is batting lead-off?

Woz said...

The question is...would Chopp get pissed if we get these Jokers posting on Hacks?

brad said...

A) No, I wouldn't get pissed is these jokers post on Hacks.

B) Ned needs a little lesson from Crash Davis: "Meat, don't can only hurt the team."