Saturday, February 23, 2008

Chuckie Hacks - Your source for eating lifestyle debate

Just wanted to make sure Garcia's excellent comment in the middle of the vegetarian debate does not go unnoticed. This is good stuff:

I think someone needs to do a spoof on the "Happy cows come from California" commercial and then show the video of the cow torture that went on out there that was on the nightly news a while back. not to mention the huge recall on the many tons was it? Happy cows live in Wisconsin bitches, California is like the insane asylum for cow life. How many "mad cows" come from Wisconsin? none! We know how to raise our cattle here!


garcia said...

Thanks for the recognition!

Is that a cow with a leather purse? That bastard! It's probably her brother!

Anonymous said...

I dated a girl who lived in California. She wasn't a cow but she sure ended up insane.