Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bucks Torpedo Trade

Since we're talking Bucks today, Peter Vecsey (remember him?) is reporting that the Bucks turned down the Knicks trade offer of Zach Randolph and Renaldo Balkman for Charlie V, Bobby Simmons and Dan Gadzuric.

If a team is offering to take two of your worst contracts from you (Dan G., Simmons) in a trade for a guy who is a low post scorer, wouldn't you have to think long and hard about that one? I wonder if Larry Harris is truly inept, or if Herb is behind the scenes killing deals because he doesn't want to take on Zach's somewhat questionable character?

Go Bucks.

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Alex Krycek said...

Mark it down... The Bucks will NEVER be a winner with Herbie running the show. When were the best years for the Bucks over the last 20 years (since the glory days of Nellie, in the 80's)... when Ernie was running the show. I get the feeling that he was run out of town by Herbie because they didn't see eye to eye when it came to the direction that the team should be heading. So he hires a Yes man in Larry Harris and look what it has gotten us?

You suck Herb!