Friday, January 18, 2008

You Mean I Can Pitch Worse, and Still Get More Money?

If you're a starter, what does a 5.10 ERA in 25 starts in the previous year get you as a MLB pitcher?

If you're a free agent signing with the Cubs, it gets you a 3 year, $21 million contract (to be precise, that was actually a 6.02 ERA over 33 starts for Marquis the year prior to that deal).

If you're arbitration eligible and signing with the Brewers, it gets you a $500,000 raise, to $3.75 million. Welcome back, Chris Capuano.

I guess.


woziszeus said...

Another example of the difference between the Cubs & the Brewers. The Brewers (currently)would never sign a contract like that.

The Cubs only solution is to throw money at their problems. I hope Mark Prior's arm falls off this year.

TOny said...

Mark Prior is a Padre

AP said...

....But to be fair, his arm will still probably fall off.

woziszeus said...

Whoops, I didn't realize that article was a month old...that was where I was basing my Prior comment from.

Lets just pretend it was a random comment and that I should have put it in its own paragraph.

matt said...

Actually that Cubs article was a year and a month old - Marquis signed that deal prior to last year. Marquis was just the first guy who I thought of who had a terrible ERA the year before signing a relatively large free agent deal.

The Cubs are trying to trade him now, apparently. Good luck with that, given that contract.

Tony said...

Fair enough woz. reguarless of player your Cubs comment was accurate with how they "solve" problems.