Friday, January 18, 2008

Just Focus on Atari

To what does Atari Bigby credit his recent improved play?*

*(By improved play, I mean not giving up 100 + yards to tight ends and/or not being called for stupid personal foul and pass interference penalties)

"I got a lot of heat from the media saying, 'He had a bad game,' but I really didn't think I had a bad game," Bigby said Thursday. "I had a couple of penalties. I think everybody was fed up starting with the Monday night game in Denver, for those four flags I got, so as soon as I got one in Dallas it's, like, 'Oh you're a horrible player.' It started bothering me and then I just blocked everybody out and just focused on Atari."

Makes sense. NHL Hockey '93 on Sega Genesis got me through my freshman year of college.

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