Friday, January 18, 2008

One Year Memories

Off the top of my head, I would like to point out my favorite post and comment section from the first year of Chuckie Hacks.

Best post would have to go to Matt for the opening day diary. So many great things happened that day and Matt truly captured the spirit of the day. I am sure there were better posts than this and for those not with us, it might not be that entertaining, but it was damned good times, highlighted by the quickest Brewers' game every (or at least it seemed like it). Just meant spending less on beer inside the stadium and more time drinking it in the Bluemound lot. Great work Matt!

Best comments would have to go to this post about Marquette training in an altitude chamber. After about 10 comments, Anonymous feels compelled to finally post on Chuckie Hacks and has to get off his chest a disturbing Freeway story that has obviously been bothering him for some time. After Anonymous' post, Chuckie hacks becomes a support group for those who have had similar Freeway experiences. That comment chain is the best. I salute you all.

Best individual comment would have to go to Woz with his: "Ladies at Kelly's Bleachers beware: The King has returned and is going after the Lenny Harris record for Cougar Poon." This was in response to the Return of Ray King.

Thanks to all for checking us out.


garcia said...

So are there going to be annual awards for this stuff? There should be...

Anonymous said...

As a loyal reader, I still chuckle about the commentary about the return of Ray King. The story of the verbal encounter at the Packer preseason game -- "LETS DO THIS" -- is another classic. Do not forget that KGB predicted a Super Bowl in August.