Monday, January 21, 2008

Mutherf#cking Giants 23, Green Bay 20 - OT

Ouch. That was certainly a kick in the package. It just felt like I was watching a 17 point loss, even when GB was winning. The biggest issue:

The defense just could not get off the was painful. If the Giants needed 6 yards, they got 7. The Packers were solid against the run, but when it was 3rd and 2, Jacobs got 3. The biggest culprits were Harris and Woodson. Time after time after time they either gave up first downs by Giant receivers or penalties. Those were crushing. It wasn’t the much maligned safeties getting eaten up by the tight end, or #3 corners giving up catches, it was Chuck and Al...who were so, so good this season. You just expect that duo to perform. They didn’t. The pass rush was also non-existent, which didn't help. Well, except for the sack by KGB when he was 6 yards off-sides. Because the defense couldn't get off the field....

...the offense stood on the sidelines. They never got any sort of flow going. Of course, the NY defense had something to do with that. Grant was a non-factor, Jennings and Jones were MIA. Only Driver and Lee could break free. Favre made some really, really bad decisions.

As did the coaching staff. This pains me to say, because I like McCarthey probably more than any coach in all my days of following Wisconsin sports teams, but MM had a shitty game plan. Sure, the offense had to be adjusted somewhat because of the elements, I understand that. But they were running stuff I've never seen before. All those WR screens were useless. One even went for -7 yards. Where were the crossing routes by Jennings and Jones? That inverse wishbone formation that was so effective all year was put in play twice - and they passed both times. If the O-line had trouble opening holes, how about trying to ram two FBs at them? Whatever.

Well, it was a small miracle that game even got to overtime. Green Bay played so poor, it feels like a 17 point loss. This is a groin shot that will be felt for a while.

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AP said...

This was a flat out beat down, regardless of the game score being so close. The only thing you can say for GB is that Taucher & Clifton won their matchups VS. NY's DE's. Other than that, I'd say the Giants won just about every other matchup. T.O.P, turnovers, offense, defense, special teams, coaching, ground game, first downs, etc. However you break it down, the Giants won that matchup.

I thought that was McCarthy's worst job since he's been in GB. Forcing the ball to Koren rather than Jennings, and hoping that Koren can make about 4 Giants miss on a frozen field. How about the opening drive? 1st two plays are playfake roll out dump offs for first downs, then you never saw it again. How many passes does Plaxico have to catch before it's OK to give Harris a little help? 30? Usually MM makes great adjustments, but being absolutely out coached is tough to swallow. Worst two performances of the year were 2 of the 3 biggest games of the year....yikes.

I know the team's young and everything and it was still a very, VERY good season. Go Brewers!