Monday, January 21, 2008

74 seconds...

"What does 74 seconds mean?" is a question you may be asking yourself. Well I'll tell you. 74 seconds is the total amount of time the Green Bay Packers held onto the ball (including the punts) in their last two possessions late in the 4th quarter. Somehow...someway...the tired Packers defense (who had made mistakes & who two of its biggest play makers didn't show up) who at that point had been on the field for like 35 minutes, held up or forced a tough field goal. With a tired defense that needed time, here is what coach MM and the Packers offense trotted out:
Series 1:
1st and 10 at GB 33(6:49) B.Favre pass incomplete deep middle to G.Jennings.

2nd and 10 at GB 33(6:43) (Shotgun) B.Favre pass incomplete deep middle to G.Jennings (K.Mitchell) [O.Umenyiora].

3rd and 10 at GB 33(6:36) (Shotgun) B.Favre pass short middle to V.Morency to GB 40 for 7 yards (A.Pierce).

Series 2:
1st and 10 at GB 17(2:48) (Shotgun) B.Favre pass incomplete short right to R.Grant.

2nd and 10 at GB 17(2:44) (Shotgun) PENALTY on GB-C.Clifton, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at GB 17 - No Play.

2nd and 15 at GB 12(2:44) (Shotgun) B.Favre pass incomplete short middle to D.Lee.

3rd and 15 at GB 12(2:39) (Shotgun) B.Favre pass short middle to D.Lee to GB 17 for 5 yards (K.Mitchell, A.Ross).

MM completely abandoned the run, at times when his team needed it the most. NO FAITH in a run game that blew up for over 200 the week before.

Yes yes, I know the final stat for rushing yards was 14 carries for 28 yards. But people, I don't think I have to tell this crowd the difference between 3rd and 10 (or 15) and 3rd and 4 or 5.

I can't believe the defense held up that well in this game. I can't believe Al Harris played like a rookie and we handed the Giants a touchdown on a drive laced with defensive penalties. I can't believe Jarrett Bush could have fallen on a fumbled punt return ball at midfield but instead tried to pick it up. I CAN'T BELIEVE the Pack was outplayed all day, but still had 2 chances to put this game away with a clock-killing, grinding drive that we have been able to put together all year. There were no short passes or running of the football.

I know everybody is going to remember Favre's pick in OT. But remember the other two (3 if you include Bush's mistake) chances the Pack had. This one was hard to swallow.


AP said...

13 carries for Grant when it's -2 degrees? Why so few....? It's not like we were down by 17 the whole game (Although as Brad pointed out, it felt like it.) If anyone knows what Grant's carries were by quarter, I'd love to know. Maybe 2 carries in the 4th quarter....? Just bad.....

matt said...

Bush continues to find new ways to piss me off. #24 is the new #28.

I think the Packers' game plan should have been to put the ball in RW McQuarters' hands as often as possible.