Sunday, January 20, 2008

Remember the Dallas game...

The Dallas game was the only game this year in which the Packers were severely beaten. The Pack got down quick due to two reasons:
-Colledge played terrible and Favre was owned from various hits as a result of his bad play.
-With the absence of Chuck Woodson the secondary had to switch to zone, in which Al Harris was totally lost.

They were able to make a "game" out of it but it really showed some weaknesses that could be exploited.

The Packers should win today. Our team is just to healthy. I will not give it the Woz guarantee, just because the cold weather always seems to make the great teams and the just good teams play at a closer level.

That being said, this is the one matchup I am worried about today:

Tuck's matchup against Daryn Colledge, as much as any other, should leave the Green Bay Packers with considerable dread as they enter the NFC Championship Game late Sunday afternoon at Lambeau Field.

Other than a snap or two against San Diego's Shawne Merriman in Week 3, the 305-pound Colledge said he hadn't been matched up against anyone as athletic or as small as Tuck.
"I've just got to be wary of his reach and his ability to go outside and inside," Colledge said. "He's got long arms, so he gets leverage very quickly. You can't take what he gives you. You've got to make him come to you.

As the article indicated, Colledge has been playing much better since that game, although overall his season has been erratic. I don't think anyone will disagree that the strength of the Giants is their defensive line. Its the main reason they were able to beat Dallas last week. Colledge has to have an average game.

While this game will definitely be harder then the Seahawks game, the Packers just match up to well with the Giants. If the Pack goes up early they will never give up the lead. I want to see a first drive with a lot of short, quick passes, and a steady dose of Mr. Grant.

Packers 34, Giants 20. Lets go.


garcia said...

so the pack's loss to the bears 35-7 was not a severe beat down? In poor weather too... do you think it's gonna be 65 and sunny today? I'm worried about all of the hype. I almost wish the Giants were favored!

Anonymous said...

I have faith that a lesson was learned in the bad weather in Chicago, and that McCarthy can game plan to help Colledge and protect Favre, as needed.

Packers 24, Giants 10.

woz said...

The Packers mailed in the last game against the Bears. Nobody wanted to play that game. I'm not condoning the players lack of heart that day, but there is a difference between the sort of loss in the Chicago game vs. the Dallas game.

Goldy said...

It is F'ing cold out today and that scares me in terms of the Packers. Are the Packers the better team? yes. But I think this weather makes everything equal. You just can't function correctly when it is that cold out.I think we are looking at a very low scoring game.

The objective NFL fan said...

Woz, woz, woz.... Do you really think the Packers "mailed the Bears game in" when they had potential home field advantage throughout on the line? Terrible excuse. For a team that has one of the best home field records of all time, it seems like a pretty odd time to "mail it in." For a quarterback that's only lost 5 games when the kickoff's below freezing it seems weird that him or his teammates didn't WANT to play the game because of the cold conditions. WAHHHHH!! Even though it's chilly, hopefully Favre can somehow find the importance in this game and not "mail it in."

matt said...


- Al Harris was brutal.
- Eli Manning made some really good throws.
- No pass rush by GB or NY, really.
- No (or failed) halftime adjustments by McCarthy.

Not surprising:

- The GB guards were terrible - no push when they tried to run.
- Koren Robinson is useless. Why did it seem like they had designed some plays for him to get the ball?

Silver linings:

- Don't have to be subjected to 24/7 Packers blathering for the next 2 weeks by the local media.
- Won't have to be sacrificial lambs to the Patriots.
- Pitchers and catchers report in 25 days or so.

Tony said...

Here, here Matt.

Brewers Winter Warm-up, if you missed it FSN is running replays all week. I think even tonight.