Thursday, January 24, 2008

Legal Roundup

Honestly, I can go in so many different directions on this story. From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Clown awaiting trial granted Huber release

Ronald E. Schroeder, the Silly the Clown performer awaiting trial on sexual assault and other charges, had his work-release privileges restored Thursday, about 2 1/2 months after a judge revoked them because Schroeder was seen in a Milwaukee bar drinking beer and dancing.

Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge J. Mac Davis revoked Schroeder's work-release privileges on Nov. 9 after District Attorney Brad Schimel told Davis that a citizen was prepared to testify that he had seen Schroeder drinking Corona beer and dancing at Kelly's Bleachers on Nov. 6. Schroeder's attorney, Donna Kuchler, had argued that Schroeder was at the bar to have dinner with his employer and to discuss business, which included building retaining walls.

Schroeder did not consume any alcohol, she said.

But Schimel had said that inmates who have Huber work-release privileges are required to take the most direct route to and from work. Other stops need to be authorized, and Schroeder's stop was not, the prosecutor said. Kuchler later filed a motion asking the judge reconsider his decision. On Thursday, Davis reinstated Schroeder's Huber status, including allowing him to search for work.

Schroeder, 38, of Brookfield, was charged in May with two counts of second-degree sexual assault of an unconscious victim; 27 counts of capturing an image of nudity; one count of battery, domestic abuse; and one count of illegally accessing computer data. The charges stemmed from a former girlfriend's allegations.

First of all, I love the headline.

Second, this is reason #1,735 that I won't ever hire a clown for my son's birthday party.

Third, do clowns usually get work-release from jail?

Finally, the mention of Kelly's Bleachers reminded me of Woz's Ray King comment...


Brad said...

Was that the clown from Uncle Buck?

AP said...

That whole thing was like 5 levels of creepy.....yeeesh.