Friday, January 25, 2008

Fantasy Celebrity Death League

This year was the first year in which I started a celebrity death league. 7 players the first year. You might have heard of it, but basically its a fantasy league in which you pick celebrities that you think are going to die in the calendar year. I stumbled across a few websites that do such leagues, and was immediately intrigued. Here is the format of the league I started:

-There are 11 rounds in the draft
-Person chosen must be of agreed celebrity status by at least 2 others in the league
-You pick 9 celebrities over the age of 30, 1 under the age of 30 (jackpot pick), and 1 mascot/animal/person who is famous mainly because they played some sort of animal.
-Point system: 1 point for regular celebrity death, 2 points for jackpot death, 1/2 point for mascot death.
-The league is a keeper league, in which you get to keep 5 of your picks each year (if you choose).

Here is my team...without a doubt the greatest team ever picked:
-Billy Graham
-Charlton Heston
-Michael J Fox
-Dick Clark
-Sydney Pollack (he was on an episode of Entourage)
-John Goodman
-Katherine Helmond (Mona from "Who's the Boss")
-Rowdy Roddy Piper
-Amy Winehouse (Jackpot pick)
-Peter Chewbacca from "Star Wars" (Mascot)

No doubt the steal of the draft was getting Amy Winehouse in the 6th round. There is no way that crazy woman makes it through the year with her crack habit.

Other picks from the other guys that I thought were solid/humorous:
-Owen Wilson
-Mary Kate Olsen (slightly ironic that Heath Ledger recently died in her house)
-Jack Kevorkian
-Montecore (Siegfried's Tiger)
-Bevo the Texas Longhorn

Of all the recent celebrity death's...none were chosen for the league.

Any thoughts on my team?


Anonymous said...

I thought Katherine Helmond was already dead.

Larry Wayne said...

Did anyone pick:

Britny Spears
Hugh Hefner
Ken Osmond (Eddie Haskel)
Barry Bonds
Dick Clark
Bob Barker
OJ Simpson
Larry King
Mike Tyson

At least 2 of these are going down this year.

Larry Wayne said...

Forgot the mascot/animal/person category:

Lou Farrigno? was he picked?
The Hulk!

You all remember "You wouldnt like me when I'm angry."

That guy still has needles coming out of him. Look at his website. He's still a giant. Something has to give there.

AP said...

Ok this is addicting, now I cant concentrate on work:

Muhammad Ali?

Brett Michaels? He practically goes into insulin shock every show.

Vanna White- she's been flipping letters for what seems like 50 years

Brett said...


Hanna Montana

Brett said...


Hanna Montana

Matt said...

Could 2 people agree that Bo Black is a celebrity?

If so she's a contender.

Woz said...

Katerine Helmond is still alive.

I picked Dick Clark.

Brittney, Hugh, & Barker were picked...

Lou Farrigno would have been a good pick

Muhammad Ali was picked.

I wouldn't vote Bo Black to be a celebrity...and Hannah Montana would be a terrible jackpot pick.

Larry Wayne said...

My bad Woz- I missed your Dick Clark pick.

Hey with all that traveling Hanna Montana is doing a tour bus could roll over (similar to Metallica with Cliff Burton), plane crash (Labamba Richie!), stage or prob malfunctions--never know..

Brad said...

How about Screech?

He seems like such a dick, somebody has it out to get him. Plus, the thought of never ever having anybody know you as anything other than Screech has suicide written all over it.

AP said...

I'd say one of the perverts flips out and pulls a gun on Chris Hansen when he's doing those dateline things.....and did anyone pick Dick Cheney???

DreamCrusher said...

Woz, I think you need to post the results of the entire draft up here. We can get odds on who has the best chance to win this thing.

Greatone said...

Being that I'm a part of the leauge, these were my picks:

Kirk Douglas
Walter Kronkite
Eunice Kennedy Shriver
Delores Hope
Jerry Lewis
Nancy Regan
Louis Farrakhan
Doyle Brunson
Greg Lougainus (Woz's Boy)
Pete Doherty
Bevo, the Texas Longhorn

Larry Wayne said...

Great call on the Chris Hansen theory

I LMAO at Doyle Brunsen!

lofty said...

here were mine:

Betty Ford
Jack Kevorkian M.D.
Ronnie Biggs
Elizabeth taylor
Andy Griffith
John Ross Ewing, Jr. (Larry Hagman)
Robert Byrd
General Pervez Musharraf
Ed mcmahon
nick hogan (jackpot)
Ralphie IV (recently reitred colorado buffalo)

STP said...


Larry Wayne said...

Just heard on the radio (seriously) 17 yr old kid was arrested for allegedly plotting to fly a plane into a Hannah Montana concert.

Goldy said...

This is a great idea. Must be a hell of a draft party. I'll throw out David Spade as a sleeper pick.

GreatOne said...

The draft was constructed over about a week over emails, talk about wasting company time, it was the talk of our office.

train said...

I was just watching that Celebrity Re-hab trainwreck on VH1. Anyone pick that guy from Taxi?

Scott said...


This post just drives home the point that you are more than qualified as a writer on Chuckie Hacks. Look at the out pouring of responses!

DreamCrusher said...

Scott, the jury is still out on Woz's qualifications to post. Woz is the guy that used his first post to talk about the Bucks even though the Packers were in the playoffs. Questionable.

The Sarge said...

Good call with the Roddy Piper pick. I'm surprised more pro-wrestlers weren't taken. Jake 'the Snake' Roberts has been living on borrowed time for ten years.

Haga said...

Pete Doherty.. That guy is gonna croak before this summer.

greatone said...

He is my bonus pick too Haga, it will be tough for others to overcome when I win my bonus round pick.

Sanchez said...

I thought I was getting in this league dammit!! there you go leaving the mexican out again. did anyone take g. steinbrenner or al davis? how bout jenna jameson? man there are so many f-ed up celebs. btw, if scarlett jo is in my town in the next 10 days i'm on that!

The Sarge said...

All of the Golden Girls are still around too. Surely that can't last much longer.