Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Sheets Dilemma

As Goldy mentioned, Ben Sheets' name was brought up at the Winter Meetings...although there was no serious trade discussions involving him. He's in the final year of his contract and Melvin has a tough decision to make. Considering the price of a Cy-Young caliber pitcher ($85 million?), what would you do? This is assuming Sheets will test the market after this season (why wouldn't he?) Put yourself in Melvin's shoes. Would you:

A) Trade Sheets right now: Melvin always says you can get more trade value in the off season, rather than mid-year.

B) Trade Sheets After a Hot Start: If he starts the year 5-1 with a 2.30 ERA, his value might never be higher.

C) Keep Sheets and Trade him At the Deadline: If Sheets does get hurt or the Brewers are out of the race, his trade value could plummet.

D) Keep Sheets and Hope He Gets Hurt: This would drive down his value, possibly making Sheets want to resign in season. Maybe he gnaws his entire fingers off.

E) Keep Sheets the Whole Year: Make a playoff push and try to resign him next off season, potentially getting into a bidding war and losing him for nothing. IE, CoCo.

F) Offer Sheets an Extension Right Now (If he even wants to negotiate, instead of testing the market): Suppan got $11 mil/year. Milwaukee would probably have to pony up about 4 years, $17-18/year. Potentially a good deal. Potentially a bad one for a guy who known to miss weeks at a time with various injuries.

You're vote?


Anonymous said...

I would trade him. Relying on him is like relying on a 1978 Ford Escort.

matt said...

Hold on to him unless you get bowled over with an offer after the Johan/Bedard/Haren sweepstakes are over.

You can always trade him later, and you might need him for 2008.

Brad, can you rely on a 1984 blue Horizon?

brad said...

Oh yeah, unless you try to make a turn greater than 90 degrees. Then the engine cuts out. What a POS.

Larry Wayne said...

Option F. (see post)

Anonymous said...

Trade Sheets Now.

Benjamin said...

We didn't lose CoCo for "nothing", we got two picks for him.

brad said...

Benjamin - Agreed. But lets just say the two guys they draft probably won't contribute for a couple years, if they ever do.

AP said...

I'm OK with trading him.....I like that Kemp/Broxton deal that was rumored with LA for benny. I'd be fine with that.

Anonymous said...

Either extension now or trade him...his value is low enough to to extend, if traded his value is not the greatest...in the end he will end up on a big market and with 20(at some point)