Tuesday, December 4, 2007

More Rolen Talk

Good summary of the Rolen situation in today's J-S.

I am scared of his shoulder/back problems. As the article mentions, he has played in limited games over the past three years and he is in his early 30's and may break down even more.

Also, we got rid of Estrada because he is a clubhouse cancer, what is Rolen like? Actually, he is probably a good guy and the guys will like him more for hating La Russa. La Russa is either a giant douche or a turd sandwich.

The part I like best about this article is: "And Braun already has told the Brewers he would move to left if they acquired an accomplished third baseman."
That is excellent to see our young guys are team players. Lets be honest, Braun was brutal last year in the field. Even if he improves a great deal in the field, he still will be one of the worst defensive 3Bs in the game. I like Braun a lot, who doesn't, but we need better D at third.

On another note, I have heard that Hank Blalock is on the market. If he cost the same players as Rolen, would people rather have Hank? He is also coming off an injury. I believe he had a rib removed last year. I don't know what Blaylocks contract is like, but I would prefer him to Rolen. I don't like Cappy going to a division foe.

Finally, I would rather see Gagne than Dotel.


More info from brewerfan.net that is of interest. This is what Melvin had to say during a radio interview yesterday:

-Met with 3 teams today but didnt get into details
-looking for a left handed bat, more in the outfield then at 3rd.
-if they do move Braun to left field then they need a 3rd basemen, keeping Counsell on the bench.
-Confirmed the Cordero/Weeks rumor, said he is not going anywhere
-noted that there really arent alot of available closers, said that he introduced himself to Joe Nathan who is walking around the meetings.
-Said the Fuentes deal aint going to happen.
-When asked about Rolen, he paused, laughed alittle and said yeah "that is a guy, but i dont want to get into names and the teams that we have talked to." Judging by the way he sounded, it would seem there are serious discussions there.
-Said the Sheets to Bos is complete B.S. They have never been contacted by Bos regarding Sheets. Said it was probably put out there to poke other teams into making deals.
-Gave the reasons why he liked Kendall, mainly OBP, his attitude and his working with pitchers.


Anonymous said...

i heard if you got a rib removed you could suck your own dick, so blalock has that going for him too

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic insight!