Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Random Thoughts

The NFC playoff picture is rounding into form. Looks like GB will either play Tampa, Giants, Minny, or Seattle. I'm rooting for whatever scenario that brings the Giants to Lambeau. That team is a greasefire. I really, really can't see Eli leading a playoff win on the road, let alone at Curly. Plus, potential Packer-killer Jeremy Shockey just busted his stick. I really don't want anything to do with Minny, just because of the Peterson factor. He could easily bust two 60 yard TD runs before you can say “I wish they still had Darrin Nelson." I can't speak for Tampa...I've seen about 6 snaps of them this year. Seattle is always frisky with a solid QB, defense and the Walrus. Please, please, please bring the Giants to Lambeau.

Who else is just smelling a Dallas meltdown? Two straight poor outings (almost lost to Detroit, lost at home to Philly), TO isn’t getting the ball, and Romo has a sore thumb. GB stealing home field would be great, especially at the hands of a Dallas meltdown. Speaking of Romo, Barrett has brought up the fact that this guy is on borderline "tool" status. Did you see him put on the stocking cap the second he reached the sideline on Sunday? The game was in Dallas...what was it, like 60 degrees? Dude, you're from Wisconsin. If its not the winter hat, he has to perfectly fit his Cowboys lid backwards immediately after reaching the sidelines. Yeah, you might be young, talented, and banging Jessica Simpson like a screen door....but you're a tool.

I can’t see the uproar with Bobby Petrino leaving the Falcons hours after coaching a game. If coaches can get fired in the same time frame without notice, why can't they leave? Didn't Dick Bennett do the exact same thing at Wisconsin? No, Bennett didn't move to another job the next day, but he still left the team.

I hear the Reds are interested in signing The Glue. You know what, good for him. I can root for Jenks. He could have bailed on the Brewers a long time ago. He stuck with it through the dark ages and helped the youngsters grow. By all accounts, he was a pretty good guy and teammate.

Let me know when the Bucks season starts....oh, wait, it already did? Whatever.

Finally, some dope in Green Bay wants a Festivus pole displayed at City Hall. Why? Because they have a Nativity Scene on display, so what about the people that celebrate Festivus? Dude, I liked Seinfeld as much as you did, but come on. Unless Pa George will be there "reigning blows" upon Jason Alexander, it's a no go.

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