Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Good Question For Badger Fans

Saw this on JSOnline....Is Krabby UW's best player? The UWGB coach thinks so, do you?

Is Joe Krabbenhoft the Badgers Best Player?


Train said...

I'm not so sure he's the "best player"- might certainly be the most valuable to a certain extent. I would rate:

T2)Krabby - Butch
Landry (who has the ability to be top 2)

Krabby needs to shoot more..he passes up open looks only to see his -extra pass- being bricked against the back of the rim by one his teammates- shoot the eff'in thing. He was unfairly labeled as the next Mikey Miller- the only thing they have in common thus far is that they've each played HSBB in the Corn Palace.

Goldy said...

Here is my take on Krabbenhoft in a response to an e-mail I recieved from Tone Loc:
I think he is decent at everything. He is probably the most complete player on the team, but that does not make him the best player. I agree with your shot comment. The guy does not have a good shot. In fact, I would say he has a bad shot. The thing about him is, he realizes his shot limitations and often passes up shots that other guys would hoist up. Thus, it makes him look unwilling to shoot, when I think it is him looking for the team to get a higher percentage shot.