Monday, December 17, 2007

Training Camp Rewind....

...of those hated Chicago Bears. I remember seeing this story during Training Camp and had to dig it up. Not only were the Bears gonna run through the weak NFC, but they were the NFL's new dynasty! Yup, included is 10 reasons why. Included is this gem about the weaksauce NFC North.

"....Minnesota is still some years away from challenging Chicago."

They play each other tonight. Minnesota is up 2 games on Chicago and is a 10.5 point favorite.

How things can change in a few months.



Garcia said...

The only thing that guy got correct was his #3 comment on Devin Hester.

AP said...

I like the part that suggested the Bears were close to becoming a Patriot style dynasty due to all of the parity in the NFL. That's fun.......horribly and comically incorrect, but still fun.

Not so anonymous Jake said...

The comments about Depth are priceless. Priceless comment # 1: The Bears were able to let Thomas Jones go because they have the "equally talented Cedric Benson". Ooops! Priceless comment #2: The Bears have the deepest secondary in the league. Adam Archuleta starts in that secondary. Double Ooops!
Hahahaha and some LOL!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just wrote Mike Freeman a short email asking if he would like to recant his comments.. Wrecks Grossman the next Brady er Favre... Puleeese.