Thursday, December 27, 2007

Chicago 35, Green Bay Preble 7

No, Matt...this is not a helmet from the WAC. It's everybody's favorite team: The Saskatchewan Roughriders!

It's not often you are accused of being both gay and a pedophile in a 24 hour period. That's outstanding! Plus, I have an Internet stalker (Travis)...sweet! So I have all that going for me, which is nice. Chuck used to be such a nice, friendly place to visit, what the hell happened?

With that note, the Packer game must be least a little. Not that I'm often right, but I circled this game as a loss 6 weeks ago. I thought they would lose one more game post-Dallas, and Chicago was the perfect choice. Beating Green Bay was the only thing the Bears had to play for, it's a rivalry game, and the entire team was ripe for a piss-poor game. They really haven't played 60 minutes of bad football all year. Yeah, some bad halves here and there, but not an entire game. It looked like they sent down the Green Bay Preble High School team instead. Hopefully they crapped all their turd sandwiches out of their system.

Hey Jon Ryan...didn't you play in the Canadian Football League for years? I guess Saskatchewan is milder than we all think. Maybe not.


Goldy said...

Amazingly, I have seen the Roughriders play in person and at the end of the First Quarter, they had one point. In a thrilling game at the SkyDome back in August of 1997, I saw the Saskatchewan Roughriders take on the Toronto Agonauts (this ws a day after taking in an exciting Expos/Cards game at Olympic Stadium). Anyway, the Roughriders missed a FG, but kicked it on the fly out of the 20-yard end zone. Apparently this was good for 1 point. those wacky Canucks!

In regards to the Packers game, honestly, I was not really bothered by it. Bothered by losing to the Bears twice, but not too concerned about the result of the game. It was nasty out there and the Packers were not as up for the game as the Bears were. This sort of thing happens in a 16 game season. Now if the starters come out and lay a turd in the first half agianst the hapless Lions, then there will be plenty of worry for the next 2 weeks.

Travis said...


I couldnt agree more with your Packer take. Your the best around Goldy..nothin's gonna ever keep you down...

Anonymous said...

Slow day in the land of Chucky Hacks when the material is boring and predictable.

Lets go Goldy -step it up.
We know we cant count on Brad.

Anonymous said...

fuck you man. whats up wit disssin preble. i play on our team. started on d! come on leave us out of the slacker commentary.