Monday, November 12, 2007

Green Bay 34, Minnesota 0

Brooks Bollinger on a better day.

Watching Brooks Bollinger try and grind out a first down was quite hilarious. This guy's a modern day TJ Rubley.

There's not much to say for "The Good" and "The Bad" because it was basically all good. I mean Ryan Grant was shredding the second best run defense in football. What more do you want?

Instead, we will take a peak at the remaining schedule. Yes, this goes against my theory of just looking "one game at a time." If they go in a tailspin, it's all my fault.

Carolina - Can you believe Favre will be 6 years younger than the opponents starting QB (Testeverde)? Win

@ Detroit - I'm the first to say in the NFL "a wins a win." Anyway you can chalk up a W, take it and run. That said, I was suspicious of Detroit’s 6-2 start...mainly because of their defense. They gave up 56 to punch less Philly for crying out loud. Yesterday was the start of their fall as the rest of their games are: Giants, Packers, @Minny, Dallas, @ SD, KC, @ Packers. Their only "easy" game is @ the Metrodome. The Lions are due for a drop off and it started yesterday by losing to Arizona's 3rd string QB. That said, Detroit on Thanksgiving is always tough and could easily beat GB. Win

@ Dallas - This is the big one. Everybody assumes Dallas is the best team in the NFC. They might be. They can score and score in bunches. But I think the Packers actually matchup well with Dallas. Harris and Woodson should at least slow down Owens and Crayton. Seemingly nobody can run on the Packers, and Romo is proven to be shaky when you get some pressure on him, which the Packers can do. Plus, the Dallas D is overrated. Granted, Jason Witten might go for about 150 yards. I don't think Dallas is the lock #1 team in the NFC like everyone thinks. But at home, they give the Packers a Loss. I would love to see this game on a neutral field.

Oakland - Should be an easy Win.

@ St. Louis - This team could give them trouble as guys are starting to come off of IR for the Rams. Whatever - Win

@ Chicago - Here's the crap game where everything goes wrong and they lose to the inferior team. Loss.

Detroit - I'll take GB in crappy weather as Ryan Grant mucks it up for 100 yards. Win

That's 13-3 and a first round bye my friends. Unbelievable


matt said...

As bad as Bollinger was, I think he's better than Kelly Holcomb.

Brad Childress is gone. Too many f-ups - I bet the Vikings fans are looking back wistfully upon the Mike Tice Love Boat days.

Garcia said...

I want to thank Brooks for making the Packer secondary all look like Hall of Famers... on a related topic, I thought Aaron Rouse looked pretty decent for a rookie fill-in.

Now let's go and dismantle the Panthers like we did the lady vikings!