Sunday, December 16, 2007

American Gladiators? Or American Cheaters?

In advance of NBC's re-release of the American Gladiators in January, there have been whispers that the gladiator profession has been wracked by performance-enhancing substances.

In an attempt to determine the scope of any problem, NBC has commissioned a study led by former Senator George Allen to get to the bottom of any steroid problem among gladiators.

"Our goal is to determine whether gladiators such as Venom, Militia or Stealth have utilized any illegal substances as they compete on the show," Mitchell said in a statement. "Although NBC is confident that the sport is clean, it is in everyone's interest to be sure."

The study is to be completed in time for the February sweeps.

Venom - probably not on steroids.

Militia? No way.

Stealth? Never.


Anonymous said...

If yo read thier bios, you will learn that one of them owns 2 mini-horses. An avid Chuckie Hacks reader, I am sure.

AP said...

Venom looks like Anna Kournakova swollowed Carrot Top........