Thursday, November 15, 2007

WIAA Football Predictions...Sort Of....

"I'm gonna get dem Duke boys..."

In keeping with tradition (Basketball, Baseball), here's your every non-educated predictions of the WIAA football state championship games. These are based on mascots and cities rather than actual football knowledge.

Div. 1 Homestead Highlanders (12-1) vs. Arrowhead Warhawks (13-0) - Webster says a Highlander is: "an inhabitant of the Highlands of Scotland." Or Mequon, I guess. I believe they also wear kilts. Advantage, Arrowhead. Normally, I'd take the Warhawks just because they sound tougher. But, my Mom's a Homestead to go with family. Winner: Homestead.
Div. 2 DeForest Norskies (12-1) vs. Kimberly Papermakers (13-0) - What's a Norske? Someone of Norwegian decent. So it's people from Norway vs people who make paper. Hmmm. I've actually been to both cities. DeForest is a charming little town. Kimberly's paper factories make the town smell like shit. Winner: DeForest

Div. 3 New London Bulldogs (12-1) vs. Wisconsin Lutheran Vikings (12-1) - The Vikings are a hungry and hearty bunch after all their weary travels. They would literally eat Bulldogs for lunch. Winner: Wisconsin Lutheran.

Div. 4 Kettle Moraine Lutheran Chargers (12-0) vs. West Salem Panthers (12-1) - I'm making the judgment call that the Chargers were named after the Dodge muscle car from the 60s. In fact, the Duke Boys ran circles around Roscoe P Coltrane in their famous orange Dodge Charger. That has to be worth at least 3 touchdowns. The Chargers make road kill of the Panthers...the Lutheran's are cleaning house in D 3/4. Winner: KM Lutheran.

Div. 5 Kewaunee Indians (13-0) vs. Aquinas Blugolds (11-2) - I really didn't think teams were called "Indians" anymore. You know, the whole PC thing. Kewaunee must have missed that trend. As for Aquinas, I think they're at state every time I do one of these things. That doesn't mean I've figure out what a Blugold is...and I went to UW Eau Claire. The Indians beat the multi-colors big. Winner: Kewaunee

Div. 6 Stratford Tigers (13-0) vs. Iola-Scandinavia Thunderbirds (13-0) - Normally, the Tigers could swallow a bird whole. But not a Thunderbird. No way. Besides, you're telling me Stratford is supposed to beat Iola AND Scandinavia? Maybe one, but two? No chance. Winner: I-S

Div. 7 Eleva-Strum Cardinals (13-0) vs. Southwestern Wildcats (9-4) - How many high schools are nicknamed Cardinals or Tigers. I'd say somewhere in the 88-90 percent range. I'm tired of those. No idea where Southwestern is located…probably south and west of something. Dubuque, Iowa area? These cats are wild! Winner: Southwestern.


Zeek said...

Div. 7 -- You lose.
0 for 1

Brad said...


Anonymous said...

Div. 6 -- You Lose.
0 for 2

I hope this trend continues to Div. 1 GO WARHAWKS!

--Ken in Seattle (Arrowhead class of '95)

Train said...

Isaiah- I think you are taking my guy Brad a little to literal with your 0-1 You lose banter. You do realize he was pitting the mascots against each other?? ie Viking eating a Bulldog.

zeek said...

Div. 5 -- You Lose.
0 for 3

zeek said...

Div. 4 -- You Lose.
O for 4

Damn. You might just run the table here. Amazing..

Goldy said...

Norskie Nook.Book it!

Anonymous said...

Those picks were gold, baby, GOLD...

Brad said...

1-6. Impressive.

brad said...

Congrats Ken.

Anonymous said...

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