Monday, November 5, 2007

Green Bay 33, Kansas City 22

Chuck Woodson with one of these at the end of the 4th quarter...DAGGER!!!

Holy Crap! This is getting crazy. This is Green Bay's most impressive victory of the year, in my opinion. I hate to go cheesy coaches cliche, but I'll do it anyway. The Packers showed character. Consider the circumstances. Kansas City had 14 days off to rest and prepare for this game. The Packers, meanwhile, were playing thier 2nd road game, in two hostile environments, in 7 days. There was a point early/mid 4th quarter when it looked like this was taking it's toll. The defense was gassed. The pass rush was stagnant and KC was eating up yards on the ground. Heck, even Preist Holmes was getting in on the act and Damon Huard looked like a quality NFL quarterback. Then, Favre launches one of his patented rocket balls to Jennings which sparked the entire team. The defense got new life and big plays were made by everyone:
- During KC's potential game winning drive, KGB comes up with a huge sack, turning a 2nd and 10 into a 3rd and 17.
- Chuck Woodson busted a 30 yard punt return leading to another clutch field goal by Crosby
- AJ Hawk made a nice pass breakup, following his INT earlier in the game
- In steps Chuck to pick off the next pass and take it to the house. "DAGGER!!"

- Koren Robinson showed some burst on a second half kickoff return. Maybe he saw the beer vendor in the opposite end zone.
- Hopefully Nick Collins and Corey Williams are alright. Williams was damn near dominating in the first half. Rookie Aaron Rouse replaced Collins and didn't get burnt. That's a positive.
- 6 straight road victories! That's impressive.
- AJ Hawk, making plays....let's start a trend here big fella.

Next Up:
comes to Curly after an impressive blowout victory over the Lightning Bolts. Monster rookie Adrian Peterson just set the NFL record with 295 rushing yards. Yikes. GB should see a steady diet of that guy on Sunday.


AP said...

...and yet again Tavaris Jackson gets injured the week before we play Minny. I know Holcomb is JAG, but I'd still rather play against the other guy.

When KC beat Minnesots earlier this year, they pretty much sold out VS. the run and put 8 in the box 90% of the game. I hope to see the pack play a 5-3 defense next week.

Good call on KR spotting the beer vendor.....

matt said...

I'm interested in seeing what Rouse can do at safety. Collins does nothing for me - gets beat a lot and can't catch an INT to save his life.

Not that I wanted him to get hurt, but this might be an opportunity to make the defense even better. Or Rouse could be a disaster.

Tony said...

As for Rouse vs. Collins,

Take it from a life long Bear fan, everyone looks good on the sideline holding a clip board. If Rouse was that much better he’d be in the game. I maybe wrong he might answer the call and step up but until now he hasn’t impressed the coaches enough to make a switch on their own.

Also from a Bears perspective, good luck against Adrian Petterson, that guy is a monster. How about last week watching Booya network I head AP got his FIRST start of the year, you mean he wasn’t starting? (Yes I know I just defeated my previous argument)

AP said...

....or maybe it'll be Bollinger instead next week. If that's the case we can go 6-3 defense for sure.