Friday, November 2, 2007

Mbakwe Blows Out Knee

Marquette's top frosh, Trevor Mbakwe, blew out his left knee and will miss the season. This hurts as he was one of the most talented big men on the roster.

A full Marquette preview coming soon. I know you Badger fans can't wait!


matt said...

"he's one of the most talented big men on the roster" - when you're talking Marquette hoops, isn't that like being the "tallest midget"?

Brad said...

Zing!! Sorry they can't all be Dave Mader-like. Ha.

matt said...

Marquette would kill for a Mike Wilkinson every once in a while. They haven't recruited even a decent big man since Amal McCaskill.

Anonymous said...

The Marquette preview is easy:

Crean will be tan.

Marquette will start strong, lose to Wisconsin, have every MU fan's hopes up in January.

Then, struggles will ensue, ending with a first round Big East Tourney loss and first round NCAA loss as the higher seed.

The end.

Brad said...

Hey Anonymous, I would love to rip you to shreds....but I really can't argue with that logic.

You forgot to add in: "Dominic James will be playing for his NBA draft status instead of for the team..."

Anonymous said...

Good point. Stories creeping out about James's draft status should be factored into any preview.

Tony said...

MU fails to out rebound a D2 team dispite being ranked 12th nationaly,

NOta good start. But like the new unis and they seem fast, I guess four guards on the court at one time will do that for ya.

Anonymous said...

well now he'll be able to be with his child that will be born in a few months.