Monday, November 5, 2007

The First Look at Bucky Buckets

Props to Badger Insider Train for scoping out that gigantic UW-Edgewood preseason match up and giving his initial thoughts:
Thanks to the DTV and the BigTen Network I was able to catch the Edgewood v UW match up in glorious HD

First off they are NOT cross-town rivals- How many times did I have to hear- “The campuses are just a mile apart blahhh- they see each other in the summer in pick up games blahhh- they are cross town rivals blahhh” umm- No they’re not.

Granted is was just an exhibition game against a bunch of HS heroes from Stoughton and Marshall but a few points of observation:

Trevon Hughes was on another planet athletic wise. He made a few hesitation moves and cross overs that left the E-Wood guys standing still. He took care of rock and made a few nice dishes to the Bigs in transition. Knocked down a 3 on a nice little jumper. He’s like The Glove on D- plays physical and ON the ball.

Jon Leuer is NICE looking true freshman. 6’10” and athletic- from everything I had heard he was supposed to be sort of project- needed to gain weight and experience- F that. The kid will contribute. Had a couple nice takes to the rim finishing with two hand flushes. His jump shot is serviceable for a big man and looks to have pretty high BB IQ. I like this guy.

Butch- He looks trimmed up and in good BB shape. I guess the reports of him beating the squad up the Elver Park hill might have correct. Hopefully he’ll step up in consistency and provide some of the need scoring.

Landry- Was pretty much invisible through the 1st and into the 2nd. Came up with a nice modified tomahawk dunk with a feed from Flowers? near the end. This guy is like a light switch…on off..on off….he needs to get more involved early.

JBo- Another disappearing act. He played some good minutes but didn’t really stand out. He hadn’t matured physically like I had hoped. But then again- just when you think he’s just-a-guy he’ll drop 3 bombs on you in as many trips down the court. Another guy who needs to show up early and often.

Keaton Nankivil- I was really hoping for him to jump out of the gym throwing down alley oops from mid-court and make it rain 3’s – He needs to be my guy. Instead he swung the ball a few times on the top of the key and turned it over 2-3 times. He’s physically ready but seemed to be jittery. The polar opposite of Jon Leuer.

Krabby- He is what he is…a pure mudder. Had a nice little put back- made a nice 3 bomb and pretty much got every loose ball in site. When this guy is finally gone you’ll then realize how important he was for success. He’ll be the top WI vote getter in the “It seemed like he was there for 8 years” guy

Tim Jarmusz- He looked a little jittery a la Nankivil. Not sure how he’ll fit into the rotation? Just-a-guy status at this point.

Flowers- Welcome back. He was thief out there…came up with 2-3 clean steals- made a few nice dishes- and most importantly looked like he was having fun. Looks like he put on 5-10Lbs- It’s too bad the best QB on campus is on the show casing his skills on the hardwood.

JP Gavinski- Looked lost out there. Made Dave Mader look like Karl Malone.

Greg Stiemsma- He’s definitely going to cause some problems for the opponents on the defensive end. He still attracts the whistle but once B10 ball starts he’ll be able to play physical. Hit a few nice little intermediate jump shots coming off dribble penetration from our guards. If he can continue to hit those it will definitely clear some room for Hughes and Flowers.


Anonymous said...

Is Butch's arm still twisted up like a pretzel?

woziszeus said...

So who's the starting 5 and the 6-7 off the bench?

Train said...

I would predict:


Quickly off the bench:

In rotation

Gullickson (was in a boot last night- not from the Essen Haus)

garcia said...

You failed to explain how tanner bronson played... I was hoping he could log some serious minutes this year, maybe jack up some treys in the final 6 seconds of the game, you know, the usual...

Brad said...

Let's start a pool called: "Which D2 school Gavinski will be playing at next year."

I pick St Cloud State.

garcia said...

I actually attend Grand Valley State, the team that upset Michigan State, my pick will be here!

Brad said...

Garcia - When did that happen? Don't they have pretty good football teams too?

Tony said...

Brad, come on... as a friend I know you are better then that. Friday night GVS upset MSU in overtime. Unless you were asking Garcia when he attended GVS?

Brad said...

Really? GVS beat MSU this weekend? I missed that. I thought Garcia was talking about last year, or something like that. Wow...looks like another junk year for the Big-11. By the way, how did Nietzel make preseason first team all american?