Thursday, November 8, 2007

Favre Has Been Losing Sleep...

...after hearing these comments from former Packer/current loudmouth Darrin Sharper:

"Some of the throws he's making, I just hope he tries that against us," Sharper said Monday. "Those 50-yard balls over the middle of the field, we'll see how much success he has."

Oooooo....I bet #4 can't sleep after hearing that!!

In other news, ex-Packer Bob Ferguson hasn't exactly been lighting it up in Minnesota. And, according to the Wisconsin State Journal, he's being used primarily as a blocker:

So far, Ferguson hasn't gotten many chances to do that. He's caught just nine passes for 102 yards this season for the Vikings, who use him more as a blocker.

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AP said...

I 2nd Darren's opinion on this matter. I also hope he tries some of those 50 yard balls over the middle of the field against that crappy secondary. Sharper is apparently still rooting for the Packers....that's nice of him.