Thursday, November 8, 2007


Goldy, this could also be the first time all year for a "Sweep the Vikings" pic.

The Packers return to Curly after two AFC West wins on the road. In come the Vikes who would like nothing more than to knock GB out of sole possession of first place. Will it happen?

- I got to be honest. Adrian Peterson scares the shit out of me. This guy is big, fast, and basically doesn't give a F#ck when he gets the ball. He's like a damn linebacker coming at you. He shredded GB in the earlier meeting for about 10 yards per carry. Only coach Brad Childress could stop Peterson as he had a paltry 3 carries post-halftime. Why? Who knows. Well, expect about 30 carries for him on Sunday.

- Unfortunately for Minnesota, Green Bay doesn't even have to consider a Vikings passing game. Our old friend Brooks Bollinger will probably get the start. Actually, he might be an upgrade over T-Jackson and that guy who was all pissed off last time we played them...Holcomb, or something like that. Don't worry Vikes fans, if Bollinger goes down, you just signed Koy Detmer...LOL!!! He was selling lumber at a Minnetonka Home Depot when he got the call. I made that last sentence up.
Offense - Once again expect pass, pass, pass when we have the ball. Minny's run D might be the best in football. Who else liked that formation of 4 wides (DD, Jennings, JJ, Koren) with Jennings lining up at tight end. That's when they got the big 60 yard TD bomb to Jennings. In that formation, a LB is matched one on one with Jennings. Please.
Defense - You would think an 8 man box would be in order to stop Peterson. Think again. With that look, all he needs is one hole and it's to the house. GB will line up in a standard D, making A-Train go through 3 levels of defense, instead of one. Rookie Aaron "Take it to the" Rouse makes his first start. He will probably screw up a few times, but if he can at least tackle, that's fine with me.
Score: I see a familiar formula as in past weeks. Minny's D is good enough to slow GB down for a half, then McCarthey makes adjustments and the Pack add a couple 4th quarter TDs (one defensive) and win. Peterson with 2 TDs. Bollinger passes for 137 yards.
Green Bay 27, Minnesota 14.


woziszeus said...

I picked up Bollinger this week for Fantasy Football.


Goldy said...

Woz, Do you also have Sorgi, just in case Manning goes down?
On a related note, it was nice to see Jim sign a 3-year extension.

Chopp, I will have to think about the sweep the Vikes picture. I know it's the first chance for a Packer sweep, but I don't want to jinx it. In the end, that didn't work out too well for the Brewers. What sayeth the commentators?

AP said...

Your "jinx" fears are justified, but it is the first chance we've had to put that shirt up. I'd vote for the shirt, and if somehow you can find video of the wolf wearing the shirt while riding Willis, then I think you could kiss the Vikings goodbye in this one....