Saturday, November 17, 2007

College Football is F'd Up This Year

I honestly don't know what the hell is going on in this college football season.

With Oklahoma losing tonight, that makes it 11 times that a top-5 team has lost to an unranked team. Wisconsin is among the contributors to that stat - remember when they were top 5?

Indiana is going to a bowl game for the first time since 1993. Nice story, with coach Hoeppner's tragic death and all. But - 14 years? With about 75 bowls available, and all that is necessary is to win 6 games, that's tough to do.

If you would have told me that on Nov. 17, Kansas, Arizona State and Missouri would be among the handful of teams competing for the BCS Championship, I'd have called shenanigans.

I didn't watch it, but based on the highlights the Michigan-Ohio St. game looked like a suck-fest that was a fitting way to crown a "champion" in the Big Ten. I think I saw that Iowa lost to Western Michigan too - way to show up this year Hawkeyes. To say the Big Ten was down this year would be an understatement. Ohio State is going to get smoked in their bowl game.

LSU is the best team I've seen play this season. But the way this year is going, that means they'll probably lose the SEC championship game and miss out on the BCS title game.

I remember reading an email about some genius who was complaining about how he'd rather just recruit players from Wisconsin to fill out the Badgers' roster, and saying that none of the so-called "athletes" from the Southern states (including Zach Brown, who he called out individually) were worth anything. I guess he didn't enjoy Zach's 250 yards on the ground today against Minnesota.

I was forced to watch 30 seconds of highlights of "The Game" between Harvard and Yale during Sportscenter. Both teams came in undefeated in the Ivy League, so it was a particularly big deal this year, supposedly. If it's such a big game, why were 1/2 the stands empty during the contest? If their teams' fans don't even care enough to put down their double frappachinos, don their sweater vests and cheer on their team to a league championship, perhaps Sportscenter could spare us from watching highlights of a game with a skill level that amounts to high level high school football...

Hey, Notre Dame got to 2 wins! Really socked it to old Duke. I still say Charlie Weis should get a Presidential Medal of Freedom or something. He's been a real patriot this year, lifting the spirits of our nation's troops at wartime by losing to Navy and Air Force in the same year. We appreciate Charlie's sacrifice.

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Notre Dame is back!