Friday, November 16, 2007

Savannah State Blows

Went to the Bucky hoops game last night. Thoughts:

Good Lord is Savannah State terrible. I can say with some confidence that they wouldn't win the WIAC. UWEC and Edgewood gave Bucky a better test.

Travon Hughes is gonna be really good. Quick as hell. He's next great Badger in line after Devon Harris and Do Tucker.

Hughes has to be good because three other starters (Landry, Krabby, and Stiemsma) really don't bring much to the table offensively. Flowers thought he was Kirk Penny by jacking up about 3 straight bricks from downtown in about a 2 minute stretch. Bo was not happy.

That Leuer (sp) will also be good. I saw him do something Butch hasn't done in 4 years: crash the boards, get the rebound, instantly spring back off the floor, and jam it home...all in one fluid motion.

Landry seems totally out of position at small forward. He doesn't shoot, dribble, or pass good enough to play the 3 spot.

This is, though, a typical Wisconsin team...and I say that as a complement. The sum of the parts is better than each part individually (do you hear that Marquette?). They will finish about 2 or 3 spots higher than predicted in the Big-11.


matt said...

It's tough to come back once you're down 17-0.

Champ Kind said...

I love fainting goats.