Monday, October 29, 2007


Doug Melvin said today that the Brewers aren't going to exercise their $9 million option on the Glue. Surprise!

Which means the Brewers are now officially in the market for a leftfielder.

Some clowns on the JS Online Brewers blog are clamoring for the Brewers to sign Barry Bonds. Not only is that a terrible idea, it's completely unrealistic to think that Barry would come here.

What to do?

The CF class is much better than LF in free agency. You have Torii Hunter, Aaron Rowand, and Andruw Jones, to name three prominant names. This is off the top of my head, so I might have missed somebody.

You could move Hall to LF and stick one of those guys in center, giving the Brewers not only an upgrade at the plate over Jenks but also a plus defensive player playing in CF.

You could also move Hall to LF and put Gwynn Jr. in CF. I like this option a lot less.

If we're stuck with Hall in CF, the options on the current roster aren't great. Mench is there for now, as is Gross. LaPorta is hitting well in the low minors and in the Arizona Fall League, but it seems like it'd be a stretch to think he's ready to play LF on the big club coming out of Spring Training. I'd be all for it if he is deemed ready.

Finally, lots of people think Braun is going to move to LF, but I just don't see it quite yet. If Braun continues to hack up the infield next year, I think you'd have to start considering it, but I think you have to give him another year.



AP said...

I'm all for moving Braun to LF, moving Hall to 3rd, and signing either Rowand or Hunter. I read on the Hardball Times that Braun wasn't just bad at 3rd last year, he was the single worst defender in all of baseball. That's pretty bad; and it seems to be asking an awful lot from him to go from worst D in the league to good in the next 2 years. Billy made great progress in CF, but if you could improve that by signing someone better acclimated to that position and at the same time drastically improve your D at 3rd, I think overall that would work fine. I don't think that's going to happen though, I think we're looking at a Mench/Gross platoon. (Grench?....) I'm just happy Jenkins and his bar league softball swing are gone....

woziszeus said...

This offseason is going to be crazy...this is where Melvin will earn his money. The amount of talk about scenarios cannot even begin to be described in a blog. The Crew has 3 glaring holes as far as I am concerned right now...CF, LF, & closer. Right now, I don't consider Hall an answer to fill one of those holes.

As far as Braun is concerned...he has to be given 1 more year at third. Lets not forget the guy just moved there 2 years ago. If Rickie Weeks can make "strides" at 2nd so can Braun at 3rd.

AP said...

If Hall isn't an answer to fill CF or LF, and you don't want to move him to 3rd, where would you have Hall nezt season? Trade Bait?

Brad said...

I'm a big Aaron Rowand fan. Plays hard, solid bat, great fielder. He'll probably be cheaper than Andruw and Torii as well. Move Billy to RF while LaPorta gets more seasoning in the OF.

Then, spend every possible dime on improving the bullpen.

AP said...

I second the Rowand idea....I want the Crew to focus on improving defensively this year and I think he could help us do that. However, it's our IF defense that needs to be fixed more than in the OF. If it weren't for Hardy, who is "serviceable" to above average, we'd be pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Woz, unless we pick someone up, Bill Hall will be in CF or LF next year. Plus, I would really miss those Bill Hall chants if he weren't. Kevin Mench needs to get his 8 and 1/4 head out of Milwaukee. Leave Braun at 3rd for now. I like Hunter and Rowand, Rowand being the more likely fit with this club. Anyone that likes Andruw Jones is probably a huge Joe Carter fan as well. Overrated. We need a good offseason here.

woziszeus said...

Bill Hall chants aside, let me make this clear: I would have no problem trading Bill Hall this offseason.

I like Rowand too...but don't overvalue the guy just because he likes to eat fences every now and again. Take a look at his numbers on the baseball prospectus page and besides last much do you really think he is worth? Which Aaron Rowand is going to show up for the next 4-5 years (that is what kind of contract he will demand).

Brad said...

I'm not saying Rowand is awesome. I think he'd be a good fit. The Brewers are not going to go out and sign a Soriano-type guy, I think Rowand would be a nice second tier free agent. Unless Torii can be had for the same price.

Anonymous said...

Going along with Woz on this one, if you heard Melvin talk on Homer on Friday he is going to trade Hall. He did not have one complimentary thing to say about him and brought him up even to describe the pitching problems. I would not be surprised to see Rowand on this team next year either although I am not a huge fan.

-Ambiguous Adam