Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Green Bay 19, Denver 13 - OT

I guess the old man can still throw the deep ball.

The Good:
- Offensive Line. I guess even the Packers can get 100 yards on the Broncos. Ryan Grant ran hard and straight up the field for 4.7 yards per carry. He even showed a little wiggle when getting to the second level. The O-Line kept Brett clean while not allowing a sack.
- Brett Favre. The Ol' Cowboy still has a few bullets in the gun. Those deep balls were perfect, as Jones and Jennings burnt Champ Bailey and Dre Bly, respectively. Whatever Jones' 40 time was coming out of college, it was fast enough to beat Bailey. The running game worked just well enough for Denver to commit a safety towards the line of scrimmage, leaving the WRs to operate man-to-man on the Denver DBs. Brett picked them apart for 21-27, 331 and 2 TDs.
- I might as well put Aaron Kampman's name on the "good" list the entire year. This guy is a beast. That poor Denver RT had no chance.

The Bad:
- Penalties, penalties, penalties. 13-103 yards. They ran the gauntlet....some were dumb, some obvious, some shouldn't have been called, all were costly. I'd like to see the win-loss record for teams with 13 penalties. Probably not good.
- Atari Bigbie has had quite a few solid games this year. Yesterday was not one of them. He was terrible.
- Other than Kampman, and KGB once....the D-Line didn't generate any pressure.
- Covering TEs continue to be a problem. That Scheffler guy seemed to be a thorn in their side even if he only ended up with 3 catches for 28 yards.

Final Word:
Whew, that was exciting, if nothing else. 6-1 is 6-1. Well, we know the Packers are battle-tested in close games. Good teams win close games, unless you're New England who doesn't believe in those. Next week will be another challenge @ Kansas City.


matt said...

I'd like to see how many penalties were caused by the TE. I think Bigbie himself had at least 2 trying to cover a TE (one on Graham in the end zone and another on Scheffler near the end of the game).

I saw Hawk once last night.

I would also disagree that the offensive line had a good night. They blocked OK, but a ton of penalties.

AP said...

It's a good feeling to know that this team is capable of winning a game when the defense, with the exception of Mr. Kampman, plays like absolute crap.

The play of the game was the coin toss in OT, b/c there was no way our D was going to keep Denver off of the board after getting gassed to end the 4th.

Other than Dallas, there isn't another game this year where the Packers shouldn't be favored. We might already have equaled the win totals for Chicago & Minnesota this year. Suddenly that Thanksgiving day game is huge....Go F***ing Packers.

goldy said...

Second day in a row I completely agree with AP. I felt a lot better after the coin toss.

Anonymous said...

Yup AP, there's the beauty of this team. "The defense...plays like absolute crap" and they still only gave up 13 points.

AP said...

Totally....judging by points the Defense played great. The fluke fumble for Denver on the 1 didn't really have anything to do with the defense though. Neither did the phantom holding call against Denver to call back that big run in the 4th quarter. I just think overall they weren't sharp.

It's kind of like the Washington game were the offense only put up 17 but I thought they played great b/c the refs & a phantom Taucher hold took 14 points off the board. The points that Denver left on the field last night had more to do with Denver's red zone ineptitude than our defense's performance.

A better play selection in the final minute of the 4th and Denver could've scored. I know Denver had 2 drives of 90+ yards. They converted a 3rd & 14 late in the game. They also did all of that with no Walker & no Henry. And with all of that i was very happy to not have to see the D on the field in OT.