Thursday, October 11, 2007

They Grow Great Weed In Iron Ridge, WI

The first JS Bucks chat of the year (done by Charles Gardner...who? Check out this guy's grill....looks like a real pleasant fellow) has somebody from Iron River (where the F is that??)predicting 60 wins for the Bucks. Is there an old lead-based paint factory leaking into the local watering hole in Iron River?

Q: 60 Wins of Iron Ridge, WI - So my buddies have the Bucks slotted for 50 wins this season, but I think we're good for 60. Your thoughts?

A: Charles Gardner - Now there's some optimism. I don't think 60 or 50, but 42 or 43 might be enough for a playoff spot. And it would be about 15 games better than last season.

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