Friday, October 12, 2007


I have a bad feeling about this one. Can't really pinpoint exactly why, but here are a few reasons:

Skins D - I guess they play the same type of defense the Bears used to shut down the Packers in the second half last week, the Tampa-2. I'll let JS Blogger Greg Bedard explain why it worked so well (and why they tried to run the ball so much):

In the second half, the Bears switched to Lovie Smith's more traditional "Tampa-2" defense where the two safeties play deep and wide. That leaves just seven people in the box and, like McCarthy said, you should be able to run against that defense. In the Tampa-2, the corners play tighter on the receivers and the linebackers play a little deeper to guard against the defense's biggest weakness: tight ends down the middle. That basically shut down the Packers' slants. And Brian Urlacher is probably the best playmaking cover linebacker in the league, so he took away the tight ends.

If Washington uses this scheme, it will be an interesting test for MM's adjustment skills. Also, their D looked very good last week vs a potent Detroit aerial attack....granted, they did have 2 weeks to prepare for it.

Added Pressure - Every game is huge, that's what ever coach in America says. This one might have a little extra juice. First, obviously, GB would like to go into the break 5-1 rather than 4-2 with a 2 game losing streak. People would endlessly question the 4-0 start. Second, back-to-back losses at Lambeau wouldn't go over very well. Finally, the winner is the de facto second best team in the NFC, behind Dallas.

Wells Injury - Scooter Wells is out with a fractured orbital bone. Ouch. He might be their best offensive lineman. Double ouch.

Chris Cooley - The Washington TE can make some plays. Brady Poppinga, on the other hand, struggles covering TEs. They will exploit this mismatch all game.

Hopefully I'm totally wrong. Just don't have a good feeling about this one.

Washington 23, Green Bay 20

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