Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Port-Plymouth Playoff Preview

I never noticed that sort of looks like a middle finger.

It's that time of year again....HS football playoff fever has swept the state. My alma matter, Port Washington, will be taking on the boys from Plymouth. A preview is in order. Of course, I have no clue about either team, so this prediction will be based on other factors.

Mascot - Port Washington Pirates vs Plymouth Panthers. Even with one wooden leg, one eye missing, and a hook for a left arm, a Pirate can slice a Panthers neck with one swift blow.
Advantage: Port

Major Retail in City - Sorry Port, the Wal-Mart is technically in Saukville. That leaves Sentry as PW's best retail option. Meanwhile, Plymouth has a Fleet-Farm. Like my dad always said, "If Fleet-Farm doesn't have it, you don't need it!"
Advantage: Plymouth

Pizza Joint - If you haven't been to Sammy's in Plymouth, go. This no frills joint gives you a pizza, paper plate, plastic silverware, a plastic cup, and nothing else. But its worth it. PW counters with The Pasta Shoppe, a fantastic Italian bistro highlighted by their homemade ravioli. Too close to call....
Advantage: Push

Competition - Port plays in the always tough (although top heavy) North Shore Conference. Homestead, Germantown, and Cedarburg annually field strong programs. Plus Port lost to a solid Brookfield Central outfit in a non-conference game. The Pirtates are battle-tested. Plymouth played unknowns like New Holstein (WTF?), Mishicot, Kiel and, not three, but Two Rivers.
Advantage: Port

Original City Name - Plymouth's first city name was called "Ta-quit-qui-oc." Alrighty then. Port was originally called "Washington City."
Advantage: Plymouth

Bodies of Water - PW is right on the shores of the mighty Lake Michigan. Plymouth was founded on the banks of the Mullett River. Seriously.
Advantage: Port

There you go, Port wins 30-21. When you break it down like this, it's really quite simple. Oh, and Port already beat Plymouth this year in week one, 35-14.


matt said...

I think Port should get positive points for not having major retail.

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't want that Wal-Mart or EVS cash into the PW tax base? Why not?

Tony said...

First off, Pizza, Please Chopp not only do we have the Pasta Shoppe, but many great late night stories from Johns, and if Pizza isn’t your flavor they offer the best “Bucket O’ Perch” $12 can buy. And yes funny you should ask I will be ordering that this Friday, plans already made.

Second… Great game last night, PW had a few chances but failed to put the game away, In the end PW won 13-7 but had to hold the Panthers 2 minute drill (actually 1:10ish) but is seemed like they got 15 plays off. Either way timmy’s boys are playing good D right now and are pounding the ball up the middle. Good Ol’ Fashion Pirate Football. The difference is they do take a few chances down field. Loop is a pretty good QB, but he isn’t Jeff Tricky certified.

See you in Hortonville on Saturday as Port Rolls over New London (I never cared for the old London why do we need a new one) Showdown at High Noon!