Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hey, It's the NHL

So, I caught a NHL game on TV last night. I think it was on one of the random HD channels. Anyhow this reminded me that the NHL season has started. In the spirit of this find, I must ask, who is your favorite NHL team and why? I would go with the Canucks because I enjoyed their style of play in the 1995 playoffs and own an ugly black, red and yellow Canucks jersey. Discuss.


Anonymous said...

hartford whalers, they still have a team, right?

Anonymous said...

Calgary Flames, because their arena looks like a giant saddle.

Anonymous said...

Long live the Minnesota North Stars!

matt said...

I like the Buffalo Sabres, because that was my go-to team in NHL 95.

Mogilny, LaFontaine, Svoboda, Doug Bodger, Hawerchuk.

Brad said...

We could have a mean NHL trivia game: Pick the two cities that currently do NOT have an NHL team (without research) -

Columbus, Ohio
Portland, Oregon
Raleigh, North Carolina
Ottawa, Canada
Nashville, Tennessee
Baltimore, Maryland
San Jose, California

I bet you can't do it.

Goldy said...

Portland and Baltimore. The most amazing this is that there are only like 6 Canadian teams left. Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

I have takena tour of the Molson Centre in Montreal and been to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. It is actually a cool place. The room the Stanley Cup is is like a cathedral.

When we were at the Hockey Hall of Fame, my Dad was interviewed by a Toronto tv station and they asked him what some Canada vs. Russia hockey series in 1977 ment to him. His response was something along the lines of "Well, it was a fun series to watch, but it didn't mean squat to me since I am an American." I am pretty sure that segment didn't air.

Brad said...

That's funny. You know the teams AND have visited the NHL HOF...that's no fair.

You did have to think about it, I bet.

I used to be a die hard back in the 80s...wish they didnt add 20 teams in 3 years. That killed it for me...